Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Not really making any this year, i have loads of things i want to achieve.

One of which is to cut my Grocery budget down even more.I have kept a spreadsheet for the last 11 months and at the beginning i was averaging £350 a month the last 6 months between £200 -£250. I want to get this down as food is still being wasted.

Yesterday i went to see what NYE reductions i could find,Not a huge selection but what did catch my eye was cream...I don't like cream but we use i grabbed 2 and bright an early this morning i made some butter.

I have taken pictures step by step.
Its so easy it freezes ,you can mix it with herbs and garlic or whatever takes your fancy.
heres pics

Cream reduced to 50p a pot

Empty into Mixer with balloon whisk

Start slow then build up spead to prevent splattering

You will eventually see it change colour and a milky residue (buttermilk)

Wash remainder of buttermilk off the butter

divide into portions

It made 1,635lbs of butter for a £1
and the buttermilk will be used in scones later.


  1. Clever you! I didnt realise making butter was that easy!
    Looking forward to reading more in the coming 12 months, love Anne

  2. This is a great way to use up cream. We also make our own ice cream. Baileys is divine!

    X x