Thursday, 30 August 2012


This blog is mainly for my benefit,to document my progress,to keep me on the straight and narrow.An added benefit is i have had the pleasure of corresponding with some people that in the real world would make terrific friends.I have read many times that some people don't like to read  blogs that are depressing which i can understand but life isn't always like that my life isn't like that.I find rather than burdening people in my real life it helps to write it in blogland.
As i said before today is my 26th wedding anniversary and like on my wedding day my husband has made me cry. Apparently i don't get it and i don't understand and appreciate him.What i know is i just don't know where im going wrong.How should i show i appreciate how hard he works...
My tears have dried ,positive spin has been put on life again and on it goes back up the incline of the rollercoaster my life is.

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 26th Wedding Anniversary.I came down to bunting that DD had put up.Its not clear in the photo but it says Mum & Dad..

My daughter is really struggling with the weather at the moment its taking a while for her to climatise again.Yesterday here it was 12 degrees.Zante had reached the dizzy heights of 42.Its lovely to hear her stories of her holiday and what a great time she had and nice to know that even though i wasn't with her my voice popped into her head on many occasions.She went with 5 other girls and was the only one that didn't have a henna tattoo and the only one that didn't try the laughing gas she doesn't submit to pressure in that sense and had a fantastic memorable (for all the right reasons) holiday.

I never did girly holidays i met OH when i was 16 and married at 20 .I cant remember (that far back) if I just didn't do it or it wasn't actually done but i encourage my children to do as much as they can whilst they are able too.

Quick question to all you other bloggers,do your family read what you write ,do you want them to ?
Until later

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Im still here

DD is now home from her holiday feeling cold, tired and suffering from the post holiday blues.I suppose thats one big advantage about not having a holiday....
Bank holiday went by quickly OH didnt work Sunday so we went to a lovely craft fair.Yesterday was spent catching up with DD and washing.

Hope you all had a terrific weekend,and i will be back when i have something better to say.


Friday, 24 August 2012

Who do you think you are?

I have been researching my family tree for many years.At the moment are showing the 1911 census free so this has helped and i have also taken up a free trial on this site so i can search for family members.Some branches of the family have been easy,  very easy as they are documented in places like wikipedia and the peerage sites.I seem to come from a long line of Hon and Rt Hon people.I have always known about the Moncktons ,my great aunt married a Monckton and her son was Walter Monckton adviser to King Edward at the time of the abdication.This line follows down to people like the Lawsons yes Nigella sits in my family tree.It all makes very interesting reading.
Closer to home is harder to find.Cant find my grandads parents at all.

This week has been very strange,Sunday my eldest brother rang me now i haven't seen him or his family for 24 years since my mums funeral.He dips in and out of our life's occasionally answering calls and occasionally making calls.The time we have been apart never seems to matter when i speak to him i have always adored my brothers and always will.
Also had a message this week to say next brother down was making a fleeting visit to us hes over from Australia where he has lived for many years.It was truly wonderful to catch up with him and I'm hoping we will get the opportunity to take my daughters to go and see him before he flies home.
So that's my week.House is so quite no dog and DD away on holiday until Monday.
My hometown wont be quite though yesterday started to see the arrival of about 80 to 100000 people for The Reading festival.It puts our town on the map and boosts the local community financially and considering so many people around never normally much trouble and guess what they forecast rain that will make a change.

until later

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Life is not a bowl of cherries....

I have always tried to be a glass half full kind of girl and firmly believe that positivity breeds positivity.
Even though i could quite easily focus on all the catalogue of errors that have happened in my life i try and focus on the good parts.
This is extremely difficult at times when the 2 people you live with are quite negative.DD will always moan about herself,she will put down the way she looks the fact that she failed her driving test didn't achieve the grades she wanted in her AS levels and im continually trying to make her feel good about herself,She was off school for 3 months with her ankle and her teachers hardly sent her any work home so she tried to self study and catch up.I know year 13 will be better for her but at the moment shes all for throwing the towel in.
OH has got worse as hes got older with the negativity.He works blooming hard but vents all his anger at me (not physically) He moans when he has no work and the phone doesnt ring now he moans that hes busy and at present because of the dry weather hes working 7 days a week.He tells me i dont appreciate what hes doing,how on earth do you show this to someone.I never expect or ask him to do jobs at home,I cook and clean and work part time,I sort all his problems out and am a taxi service to all my children but because i dont broadcast what i do he thinks i do nothing.
I try and put across to him that life has dealt us enough cruel blows so why pick a fight over trivial things but this goes straight over the top of his head.

So back to my title,i know i have some lovely supportive people in blogland and i really appreciate all your lovely remarks.I am the only person who can control my life and im going to try and not let life get me down and im going to remain positive.Im tired of crying and worrying.

Today im going to do a customers ironing and then take DD to her nan and grandads to say hello and goodbye again,DD is off on her holidays again today this time with her girlfriends.All her washing is done from last holiday and ready to be packed for next one.OH and i are taking her to Gatwick again this evening and 2 of her friends.

So i leave you lovely people with this( how true this is) and a picture off my lovely little ladies.

When you feel positive, you can immediately think of many more things that you would like to do in comparison to when you feel negative.  You can express felling happy in many ways.  In contrast, when you feel sad or unhappy, it is hard to motivate yourself to do anything except think about your troubles.”

Friday, 17 August 2012

The last few days

This morning my OH and i set off at just after 3am to pick my youngest from the airport,She was returning from a week in Ibiza with her boyfriend.
Once we got into the car we had to break the very sad news that we had had to have Mia put to sleep.....

Yesterday morning i was  up with the lark to go and sit with Mia,the injections the vet had given her earlier in the week had made no difference and with each passing hour we could see she was struggling and even though the vet had said they have a high pain threshold she was in pain you could see it in her eyes.Right to the end though her little tail attempted to wag even though she couldn't even lift her head anymore.
To say we are all upset is an understatement ,Mia came to us when she was 4 and died when she was 10.She lived an extremely happy and content life with us and will be sorely missed.Anyone that has ever loved a pet will understand the feeling of loss.DD rang me from her holiday half an hour after Mia had gone as i had to pick her AS results.She is disappointed in her grades and took the tone in my voice as i was disappointed in her too,which of course i wasn't ,i was trying not to let the emotion i was feeling come through and obviously didn't do a good job.I then had the next 24 hours to wait to explain.
Mia was DD's baby and at the moment everything s getting on top of her,She has had a crap year as well( you have read my story so she lives with that day in day out as well as dealing with her own problems)
So hopefully things will start to improve as I'm tired of saying things can only get better than more sh*t comes your way.
Positivity breads positivity so I'm trying to remain positive,its just so bloody hard at times.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sad day

This morning my MIL rang me to say my OH'S cousins wife had gone into hospital for a routine operation and had a massive heart attack and died.Sue was the same age as me and leaves a husband and 2 boys.It was a huge shock and makes you equate your life more.
My poor dog is really poorly and getting worse by the hour.She wags her tail but she can hardly move.OH thinks it will be fairer to have her put to sleep.DD is still on holiday and isnt back till Friday morning and i know she will be so upset if she doesnt get to say goodbye.
So all in all a sad day.
until later

Monday, 13 August 2012

Poorly dog

For the last few days our dog has been under the weather.Shes over 10 now so we put it down to age and the heat.She was off her food and just lazier than normal.We knew something was amiss last night when we let the chickens roam the whole garden and she just sat and watched them.
This morning i phoned the vets and an appointment was made to take her in.He did a thorough examination and declared he couldn't see anything obviously wrong with her but even though her lungs were clear her breathing is very laboured which he is worried about.He said he could run lots of tests but each test is very expensive as he doesn't have a starting point.Apparently Staffs are very good at hiding pain and have strong muscles so you don't get an ouch when prodding.He thinks it might be just old age creeping up on her.So we opted for a couple of injections to see if that is the pick me up she needs Those 2 little injections and the visit cost us £55.
I signed up to noodle today to look at my credit report and was pleasantly surprised nothing majorly wrong on it.terribly low credit score but i suppose you have to have credit and be paying credit off to to get a higher score.As i have mentioned before most debts are my husbands run up through work but whats his is mine and vice versa.

Its turned into a miserable day today .DD has just rung me from Ibiza shes enjoying herself but misses me being over with her( this is a holiday my girls and i used to do on our own )
Hope you are all ok

until later

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Quite few days

Its been a quite few days in the NTO household so haven't had and still don't have much to say.In between work and home i have been trying to find more ways to be frugal and at present i cant find any more ways or things to change.Debt busting is going well very soon it will be below the 4k mark, probably next week .

Youngest daughter is off on her the first of her holidays tonight,she is going to where we used to go before the recession hit us Ibiza,same hotel.Shes one very excited young lady.I know she will have a fantastic time and i also know i will miss her like mad.

Until later

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Good buy

I did use some of my birthday money to buy the food slicer.Ive used it twice now.I carved a ham joint and today i sliced a homemade loaf of granary bread.I'm well pleased .Perfect slices and as I'm totally useless at slicing bread this is going to be a godsend.
Its pouring with rain here and i have a line fall of washing out,hoping that it stops in a moment so i can go and rescue it.
Been up in the loft this morning and sorted some clothes out,i put them in a case and then forget about them.I don't have loads of clothes to start with so now i will have something different to wear for the next few months.I also sorted out some old handbags all going on freecycle as part of my decluttering.
Off to my eldest daughters for dinner tonight, 9 of us.I have given them a large leg of lamb which i had in the freezer.DD is colouring our hair( 3 of us ladies) so dinner and pampering cant be bad.

Until later

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Catch up

Friday finally saw me catch up with my work,for the last 2 weeks i have had to rearrange my work to fit in with my Paris trip and then this week my daughters Othotics appointment.So no money lost.
My daughters appointment went well,she has been told she will need an operation in her 40's as he said her tendon will snap but that's a long way off for her.Moulds were taken so she can have insteps for shoes but this does mean she has to have proper shoes for them to go into it.We will go to Clarkes and get some for her for work so they can go in them.
Have been spending my time recently trying to decluter a few things have been put on Freecycle and i have had a mass paper shredding session.Toys will be hopefully going into the loft later so i can sort out the spare room again.We should be having a decorator coming in sometime this month to finish off work that was never completed when we were moved out because of flooding.We still have filler on walls and patches of the wrong coloured paint on walls.

Have been picking a few things from my garden which have now been frozen for future use,I'm not getting as much as i hoped but the weather has been hit and miss.Tomatoes are very slow.

I have put a wanted ad on freecycle to see if i can get some DK baby wool oddments for my blanket so i can do more on that but no luck so far but i life in hope.

Hope you are all having a productive weekend.

Until later

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The end of a busy month

Wow where did July go....
July was a very busy,emotional and stressful month.Im looking forward to a much quieter month.We have had so many birthdays and of course Paris.

Yesterday as you all know my girls and i went to London to see Woman in Black.Our capital was very busy with a happy buzz.You see people of all nationalities milling around wearing their national colours.
We headed straight for Covent garden where we watched street entertainers and had something to eat.I was treated to cocktails and then we went to the theatre.Its a small theatre so you get a good view from all seats.Its a good show jumped a few times,bumped into someone we knew sitting in our row,how strange is that.Eldest daughter wasn't sat with us but befriended an American who is currently over here for work for 3 months.
Easy journey home but in very late.A lovely afternoon/evening.So thanks girls and thanks youngest daughter for arranging it all.

Debt busting is going fairly well as always i wish it was quicker but money is slow coming in at the moment.We are now below £1000 to the tax man so that's a nice feeling.
Late start to work this morning as youngest daughter has a hospital appointment to look at her feet,

Until later