Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Supermarket

I'm sure the majority of you here in the UK have at one time compared your shopping on My Supermarket.
If so did you know you can get cashback on a variety of items you buy,..

You can also download an app onto your smart phone,this is called my super list and is very easy to use.
Not only can you compare your shopping you can see what items are currently offering cashback.
for example at the moment you can buy Flora cuisine 500ml in Tesco.MSL is giving you 50% cashback on this item.
you purchase the item,upload your receipt and they state within 30 days( i normally find it goes in a lot quicker) they give you the discount into your paypal account,so your Flora would have cost 50p.
Other items currently listed are
Flora light 1kg  £2 in Tesco 50% cashback
Youngs chip shop fish in Bubbly batter 4 per back,this is showing on Ocado as £1.50 £2 in Asda
with 50% cashback ,so a bargain.
coke zero 2l bottle 100% cashback so free.....

There are many more items offering cashback,You have a monthly limit i think its £35.
Have a look and start saving
My supermarket

If you sign up use this code

you will get £10 off your first order and i also get £10

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