Sunday, 30 September 2012

Its nice to be missed

Hello (waving from the comfort of her sofa)

I havent really said much over the last week so deserve a smacked wrist as no real excuse for going awol.

So what have i done this week apart from work.

I had a meeting with a builder i FINALLY managed to get hold of after 2 years of chasing.Let me explain.

In July 2007 after a really prolonged and heavy downpour of rain we were flooded.The drains couldn't cope and pushed sewage as well as rainwater in through the airbricks and up through the floorboards.
We cleared it up and contacted the insurance company.Someone came lifted laminate flooring and sprayed something under floorboards.My neighbour who was flooded at same tome was having similar problems.Damp and smelly.
She informed me that she was being moved out for work to be done so i contacted our insurance company again and after a visit from loss adjustor it was agreed that the correct procedure hadn't been followed and we would have to move out so the house could be stripped back,dried out and put back together.

So we moved out at the beg of Dec 2009 into a rented property paid for by the insurance company.Most of our furniture was put into storage and the rest was moved by the luxury of  a removal company.
Work didn't actually start on our house until April 2010.
Floors were lifted,subsoil dried,plaster taken off walls,kitchen removed,partial rewire,damp proof course replaced and so on and so on.We moved back in in September 2010 when we had a kitchen back in and they carried on working in the house until December 2010.
In the new year i called them to come and do some snagging and it was agreed they would come back in the Spring of 2011,This passed and i chased and chased.Finally an appointment was made and he came around on Thursday.I showed him all the bits that had been left and showed him carpets that had been laid very poorly and he has agreed to a new carpet in DD;s bedroom and the decorating finished.

So fingers crossed after 5 and a bit years i might actually get my house finished.

The pictured below are a couple of things that were left or done wrong.

Filler was left in patches all around my bedroom window

The wrong colour paint was used around every socket in the purple bedroom.

I know i could have done this myself but the builder has been paid for this work and i purchased the carpet for my daughters carpet which was laid with a huge snag in it and cut really badly.

so fingers crossed they will be back

until later

Friday, 21 September 2012

Modern technology

This evening my son emailed me a couple of photos.These photos were taken on his ipad whilst face timing the girls.These amazing inventions enable him to speak to them in real time and see what they are doing.
At the end of the conversation she asked if she could come and live with him,heartbreaking.
We now have just over 3 weeks till we see them and as the visit coincides with DD 's 18th we are going to go away for 2 nights with them. Cant wait.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Sorry not been on for a while ,no real excuse.

Life is plodding on,debt busting is going very well,getting very near to the finishing line for a couple of our debts.One is going to cause a bit of a problem as they are saying we owe a few hundred more than we actually do but they are going to loose that battle as everything has been paid via online banking so i have a factual record of every payment.So roll on the final payment for that one and let the battle begin.

So i will be back again soon.
take care

Friday, 14 September 2012

Giving blood

Today my DD and i went to give blood.I haven't been for 6 years so now she is old enough we booked
 ourselves in to do our good deed.
I was a failure, good veins couldn't be found in either arms so i was sent packing.DD was able to and did really well until the released the arm cuff,Her blood pressure plummeted and she fainted a scary experience.DD has been told that she wont be able to give blood again as it obviously doesn't agree with her.

Apart from that things are plodding along.Relationship between my daughter an her boyfriend finished on a very sour note .So even though i didn't like seeing her upset the outcome was for the best.
I had some lovely comments after that post for which i am very grateful.

I hope you are all well
until next time

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Afternoon Tea

This afternoon we went to a rather posh hotel for afternoon tea.This was the present i got for my OH for his birthday.It was a token gesture as we have debts to pay.But saying that we had a lovely time.A beautiful sunny afternoon eating sandwiches,cakes and sipping champagne.
In contrast yesterday we helped celebrate my lovely sister in laws 50 th birthday and her present from my brother was 3 separate shortbreaks.Geneva,Rome and Vienna.How lovely is that ...but at least i know i didnt increase our debt with my present to OH for his 50th.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Where do i start

Firstly i will say sorry to DD ,if you read this you may be upset but this is my space and my feelings and nothing i do or say is put down to upset you.

I love all my children and have a good relationship with them.Youngest DD is the only one left at home and right from the start we have had a brilliant relationship .I have always lived by the moto that i trust until the time that trust is abused.So they have all been allowed to spread there wings and do things.
DD has been in a relationship with a lad a few years older than her for nearly 2 and half years.For a young couple they argued lots and in my opinion didn't do the things they should do together,I'm a firm believer in that old fashioned way of courtship.
They booked a holiday together earlier in the year which they went on in August she had said it would be make or break and it broke her,She missed home and phoned every day in tears sometimes because how he was to her .She told us that when she got back from hols she was going to end it but then we poleaxed her with the news of her dog and he was nice to her.A few days later she was off on her girly holiday she wasn't keen on going but she did and I'm glad.
She had an amazing time didn't miss home and didn't want to come home ,the way it should be.She met a lad on holiday and he wanted to see her when she got home,He doesn't live that far from us so not impossible.I know this isn't a perfect scenario but it gave her the confidence to say i want out of this relationship.She told BF she wanted a break now BF suffers from some mental health issues and he threatened suicide if she left him.Now don't get me wrong but my daughter is 18 in a few weeks and doesn't need this she will have many years of having to deal with the hang ups of life.
She kept in contact and has seen holiday romance lad a few times but ex is still hanging on,Flowers delivered yesterday ,promises of change.DD says she loves him and would go back to him but i don't want this.As i have said we talk about everything and i know as well as she does hes not good for her,I don't think i want him back in my house staying over and taking advantage of my hospitality anymore.When he speaks rudely to her i wont be able to bite my tongue.
DD says i have put her in an awful position as she has asked for and knows my feelings on the matter and wouldn't want to do anything to upset me but she had made the hardest decision and by going back i can see it then being a forever relationship because he will knock everything out of her and she wont have the confidence to do it again.She will have no friends and wont be able to talk to boys even work colleagues without him threatening them to stay away when he sees them.
New lad seems to be a bit maturer he walked along with my daughter and another lad walked by and said your lucky to have her on your arm shes a stunner and he took it as the complement it was.

I know i have to step back and let her make her own mistakes and live her own life but its so hard when you know the next step will be ex producing a ring.....

Well apart from that we now have a new dog another unwanted dog.I relented to Cheer daughter up and take her mind off ex( backfired)Shes a lovely girl.
We also had the funeral yesterday very sad but a lovely service and well turned out.OH is being nice to me at the moment so I'm thankful for that .
Debt busting is going really well and granddaughters are coming down in October so well chuffed on that one.
That's enough of my ramblings
until next time

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Evening out

Yesterday i had the pleasure of accompanying my DD to here

The Roundhouse in Camden,London

to see

September 1st saw the start of the Itunes festival and most years one of us has won tickets to see different people.

Being of mature age i didn't know if i should go but I'm glad i did,I knew more of his songs than i thought and the Roundhouse is such a small venue even if you stand at the back you get a brilliant view.

We had a lovely evening and although tired I'm glad i went.