Friday, 14 September 2012

Giving blood

Today my DD and i went to give blood.I haven't been for 6 years so now she is old enough we booked
 ourselves in to do our good deed.
I was a failure, good veins couldn't be found in either arms so i was sent packing.DD was able to and did really well until the released the arm cuff,Her blood pressure plummeted and she fainted a scary experience.DD has been told that she wont be able to give blood again as it obviously doesn't agree with her.

Apart from that things are plodding along.Relationship between my daughter an her boyfriend finished on a very sour note .So even though i didn't like seeing her upset the outcome was for the best.
I had some lovely comments after that post for which i am very grateful.

I hope you are all well
until next time


  1. Oh dear, thats not nice for your dd, well probably worse for you being there to see it. Hope she is ok after the split with her oh, it sounds like it was for the best.

    Glad you are ok x

  2. Lots of love for you and your DD x

  3. I would love to give blood but I'm petrified of needles! Is your daughter still in touch with the fishmonger?

  4. Ah well, at least you tried!