Sunday, 12 January 2014

Low point

I plod along in life and am normally happy but at times life its just draining,
I dont need to have my faults pointed out to me i know them already.....
i know i am overweight...
i know some of my clothes have seen better days....
i know i dont work full time......
i know how much i earn ( and it doesnt match you)

But i am not lazy,i think im a nice person and nothing you say will make me feel differently.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


A few weeks before Christmas i bought myself this little beauty.

I have been saving my cashback from the bank and doubled it up for a voucher for a high street electrical store.It came with an offer for £20 worth of drinks from their website.
Now the funny thing is i don't drink coffee but i love this machine and its been very popular in my house with everyone that has a drink.

The one thing i have found is that you cant try out flavours (without spending a fortune on ebay)
So i have read about swaps.
So if anyone would like or is interested in swapping discs,please let me know.It appears to work on the basis that the swappers incur the postage so no money changes hands.
I'm interested in trying the green tea and mint, i will list all the flavours i have so let me know if you would like to swap any (doesn't have to be just green tea)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Expensive year

Why does everything break at the same time....

A few week before Christmas i decided to defrost my old small chest freezer.I have had it 13 years and even though it didn't look pretty and the lid hinges had broken it worked.Well it did until i defrosted it.The lights were on but definitely no one at home.Lost a bit of food but not too much .So i had to go and buy a new one.... Christmas day whilst cooking my Turkey i realised that things weren't quite right with the cooker.I think the thermostat has gone so i will need a new cooker.Dishwasher..i purchased this 2nd hand about 2 years ago and its just not doing its job....wash up i hear you say..My water tank is leaking so i cant have hot water on at the moment(this is a priority job but i have been saying that for the last year )So new dishwasher found in the sales and being delivered on Wednesday...The cooker isn't going to be replaced for the foreseeable future instead i have purchased a combi oven (mini oven died of hard work a few months ago)having a combined oven and microwave has meant OH can take our existing microwave to work.He was a bit gutted about putting his Christmas money into the new one but i did to and i had more to put in .
So expense from the off.So to save every penny i can its time to work my way through the food in my cupboard's and freezers and eliminate waste.
Wish me luck...

Ps did i mention my roof is never rains

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years honours


We found out yesterday that my husbands aunt has been awarded an MBE for her services to the Crown.Eileen is a very talented lady and I'm extremely proud.
here's pics of a couple of items she has embroidered.



 Well its new years day,start of a new year.Time to put my positive thinking into action.
I always make so many resolutions which i desperately try to stick to but the one i always fail on is weight loss.This one has to be addressed this year as my DS is getting married in the Summer and i would at least like to be a couple of dress sizes smaller.
My others as per norm are to do with money....others include one made by my DD I'm not good with photos but she would like more photos with me as i just refuse normally so I'm going to have to work on that one.
Enter more competitions,continue and try to improve on a frugal lifestyle.The list is very long but I'm going to try...

So here's a start a photo taken in Christmas day with me in it and also a picture of one of my DGD's a surprise visit only for the afternoon last Saturday and was like the cherry on the cake for my Christmas.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Just wanted to drop by and wish you all a Happy New Year.
I will be back tomorrow hopefully  with a regular post.

Early night for me i dont like New Years so rarely see it in now days.
Enjoy whatever you are doing.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Missing in action

I have really lost my blogging mojo.I hope to get back into it again asap.
I have been keeping up with most of you.

Somethings never change though im always looking for ways to earn and save money and always like to share my finds,
Ebay are looking for people to answer simple surveys,you are rewarded into your paypal account.
So if anyone would like to join please click on this link.

Speak soon.