Tuesday, 7 January 2014


A few weeks before Christmas i bought myself this little beauty.

I have been saving my cashback from the bank and doubled it up for a voucher for a high street electrical store.It came with an offer for £20 worth of drinks from their website.
Now the funny thing is i don't drink coffee but i love this machine and its been very popular in my house with everyone that has a drink.

The one thing i have found is that you cant try out flavours (without spending a fortune on ebay)
So i have read about swaps.
So if anyone would like or is interested in swapping discs,please let me know.It appears to work on the basis that the swappers incur the postage so no money changes hands.
I'm interested in trying the green tea and mint, i will list all the flavours i have so let me know if you would like to swap any (doesn't have to be just green tea)


  1. We are a coffee mad family. If the coffee machine were to go on the blink, there would be mutiny in the ranks!!

  2. I'm expecting mine delivered by the time I get home this evening. I have a small selection of t-discs ready and waiting- a friend gave me some Maxwell House Cappuccinos (from America) but they're a year out of date. Hoping that doesn't matter once it's good and hot! If they taste fine I will have a few of those and also I have some Americano, Suchard hot chocolate, Twinings English Breakfast etc that are well in date. I would like caramel latte and creme brulee primarily but will swap for anything I don't already have waiting to try!