Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The week that saw....

3 more birthdays in my household.....
In the last nine days we have had 4 family birthdays, (didnt plan that well did i)

in the last few days i have celebrated my birthday,my nieces and my sons birthday.

I have had some lovely presents ,a Cath Kitson purse, boots a lovely plaque to hang on my Remembrance tree in my garden.I have a couple of books due to me on self sufficiency which i cant wait to receive.

I have managed to get a few reductions in the supermarket,a leg of lamb for £5 which will do nicely for dinner on Friday when DD comes around again served with mint sauce.Im going to try Frugal Queens mint sauce with this one.
Also managed to get some cream reduced which was immediately turned into butter,Just now need to make jam out of the raspberrys i picked up ,reduced of course.

I'm going to try and cut back drastically in August as June and July have been horrendously expensive and i need to get back on track.

The last few days in pictures

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Update posted on Facebook from Gary's father

David Tweddle Wrote:
Good morning to all our very kind and supportive friends across the world. Its day 10 now and the search still continues. I will give a full update later in this piece, in the meantime I want to bring to the fore our recognition and gratitude to some amazing human beings, truly amazing and most of you are in that category.

Over the past 10 days more than 1000 people have searched, coordinated and supported the efforts to locate and return Gary safely. Helicopters, planes, dogs and 1000 people from NSW police S&R, The SES (State Emergency Services), Paramedics, Rural Fire Service, Bush Walkers, Riot Squad and many others. Most of these people are volunteers with lives and jobs yet they did 10 days on the bounce, a massive thank you to them, their families and their employers, what can I say.... amazing. I will be forever indebted to Senior Constable Steve Adams and his Management team in the NSW police, I do not have words to encapsulate what an amazing professional job they have done, Mick, Darryl, Paul, Ian and all, THANK YOU. These people have risked their health to work on this, absailing 200m cliff faces, going places that no human has been for 10's of years and generally working far to hard. Please join me in thanking the state of NSW and the Nation of Australia, they could do no more.

Oracle, Gary's employer has been without doubt an incredible support, Michelle and Rebecca HR, Wade from Security and all of Gary's mate and colleagues have worked tirelessly under the direction of Robert (The boss) to make sure no stone is unturned and the family need for nothing. People drive 3 hours a day to search for 6 hours and all of this is coordinated by an outstanding human being Darren Palmer. Darren is a mate of Anika and has not moved from a map table coordinating all the friends, helpers and colleagues that come up here to help. Further proof that humankind is deep and strong.

Bernard and his team here at the Fairmont Resort in the Blue Mountains. The caring and understanding this team has shown to the family has been breathtaking, again we need for nothing and they are so kind and professional it has to be experienced to be believed. Please please please if you are in the area come here and support this resort I will be forever in debt to this place, simply wonderful.

Finally on the subject of thank you........ THANK YOU!!! Thank you for every ounce of support, best wish, X, encouraging comment and everything else you took time to to send us. I would sit at night and read every single one of them, I cannot tell you how much it helped, it has been incredible, we have cried, laughed and experienced every emotion from your comments and mails. It have meant so much to me personally to receive this support, you got me through, you made me get up when I couldn't move, you inspired me to drive this search and thank volunteers and cops when they came in for briefings and lunch. You have contributed beyond your own comprehension. The beer is on Twedz anytime, you have been incredible, please know that. THANK YOU 

This operation moved to a recovery as of lunchtime today, it isn't Search and rescue anymore. Stories of Jamie Neil and 10 days survival are in very very different circumstances to this. Gary was not prepared with resources a Bush walker may have plus the terrain is different. The NSW police will continue to search FOREVER if that is what it takes, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. Please be assured that today there are 60 people out there and tomorrow there will be 50+ and we will keep at this, however we the families need to take some hard decisions and united we are doing that. There is a term, "Step", step dad, step mum, step brother...... there are no "steps" in this family, we are united in every decision and action and the support we have given and received has ensured nobody is alone or hurting alone. Clive, Carol, Michelle, Craig, Amy, Emily, Fraser, William and I will miss our Son and Brother. Anika, Jo, Doug, Beth, Tessa and Max will miss their loved partner and buddy and as a complete unit we will go on looking, hoping and supporting. There is deep love here now.

Finally to my beloved son Gary, I miss and love you unconditionally Gaz. I am so proud of all you have achieved at Oracle and with your private life, the depth of this pride is infinite, you are a true star in all our lives. We have had so many incredible times together in UK, ZA and Goa to name a few and there is nothing I would not give for 1 more second of time with you. Money, possessions and material becomes irrelevant now, its all about time, so my closing message to you my friends is cherish every second you are fortunate enough to have with the people you love. Waste not one moment, be available and show love at every opportunity. I love you so much son, so so much. Dad X


This is an appeal to anyone who may read this in the Blue Mountain area of Australia.

Gary Tweedle age 23 went missing 9 days ago after leaving a function.He is the brother of one of my daughter in laws friends.Please can you check any outbuildings .The search is due to end very soon so its vitally important for people to keep eyes and ears open.
Many thanks and lets hope he returns to his family.

Twyford man Gary Tweddle is missing in the Blue Mountains in Australia

Sunday, 21 July 2013

It was Marvellous.....

My DD was given two tickets to marvellous festival 2013.This is an event that happens every year in a country park about 20 mins from my home.Tickets aren't cheap £35 each(per day) and normally the weather is rubbish and i begrudge spending that amount to get wet.
Marvellous is a 2 day event ,music from tribute acts.We were given the tickets late afternoon so arrived just  after 6 pm.Just in time to see Changing Man a tribute to Paul Weller and the Jam.    Brilliant....Looked good and sounded good.
Highlight of my evening was seeing Trextasy.Even though i was only 11 when Marc Bolan died he was my idol.My mum used to put ringlets in my hair with toilet tissue so i could have my hair like his.I have seen these before about 10 years ago,loved them then and they didn't disappoint this time.It was lovely to boogie in the glorious sunshine.
A few pics of my evening.

Another hectic day today,Its my eldest daughters birthday and we are going to a BBQ at hers this afternoon.This morning my son is doing another half marathon so I'm off  to Cheer him on.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Birthday Treat

It was my OH,s birthday last month and my present to him was a night away.I found a perfect deal on Amazon Local.
It was for a one nights stay at Wheelers of St James's ,Camberley.Wheelers is owned by

Marco Pierre White.
We had the pleasure of eating at his restaurant in central London a few years ago after i won a competition and always hopped we would get the opportunity again.
So when i saw the deal on Amazon Local i knew it would make a perfect present.

The hotel is only a 20 min drive from home so we arrived just  after 6 pm.Our table wasn't available until around 9, so we had plenty of time to relax in the hotel grounds and listen to the music coming from a function at the hotel.
It was such a treat to see the disco set up outside and everyone milling about outside,

The restaurant was very busy,obviously very popular.As part of our deal we could have 3 courses off the set menu or choice any 3 courses off main menu at a £20 supplement.We stuck with set menu.
I had
Parfait of Duck liver
pan fried breast of chicken
and Raspberry sorbet

It was sooooo nice.

We met a couple of similar age to us and sat chatting in the bar until bed called us.

After a very comfortable nights sleep and a lovely deep relaxing bath( normally only shower at home)
we went for breakfast and as it was once again we sat outside to have our total scrummy breakfast.

Short drive home in time for Oh to go to work.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

My favourite

My favourite flower is a lilly.I know alot of people associate it with death but i think they are beautiful.
I have a few that come up year after year and this year they seem better than ever.
This lovely weather is doing wonders for my tomatoes they just need to ripen now,

Youngest daughter is now back from her girly holiday,tired and suffering ( sore throat)I think its lovely having her home ,whether she agrees with that is another matter.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Enjoying the weather

Because of my stupid thumb i couldn't go to work yesterday(hope to go back Thursday when strapping is off) So as my OH had worked Saturday he had the day off.

Day started with breakfast with eldest daughter which was lovely.We then went to OH's parents where we were meeting up with DS and family where after a cup of tea we drove the short drive to Henley On Thames.The regatta has finished now so its now possible to get into Henley.We parked
in a little free car park( didn't know they still existed) crossed a small field and arrived on the banks of the Thames.
The Thames and Henley is a beautiful place to visit,especially on a hot sunny day,its a very affluent area and very very expensive to live here. We strolled along the bank,nosing at the properties and watching the boats sailing up and day.
It was a lovely afternoon .
Here's some of my day in pictures.

Look out for the boat with the dog bed on it with its own little umbrella attached for shade.
Also the boat for sale,cant even imagine how much some of the bigger boats go for.
If your eyes are good you will also see in one of the pictures a very brave wild water swimmer.

Monday, 8 July 2013

A special day for more than one reason

Sunday 7th of the 7th will me a memorable day for more than one reason.

Andy Murray won Wimbledon,never  got the opportunity to watch it but lots of people around me were able to keep me updated on the score.

My darling Granddaughter was Christened .She behaved impeccably and didn't mummer at all whilst she was anointed .We had an amazing afternoon sat out where they had the gathering as most people will already know ,our weather is and has been remarkable.I was and am extremely proud of my son of how he is now as a father to all his girls and this showed with how the day went off.
And lastly to see my son and eldest daughter reunited.Many of you who read my ramblings will know the difficult times i have gone through on this mater.
My son without prompting asked me to ask DD if she wanted to come to the Christening she said yes immediately but on the run up the nerves kicked in and i thought she would bottle it.Tense times at the beginning a few tears but she was consoled by my brother but as the afternoon went on things improved and even though i didn't see it a hug was witnessed between the two siblings.I'm welling up just writing it down.
I'm not expecting them to invite each other to coffee mornings but it will be so so nice to have all my family together in the same room...

My thumb is doing ok,its not until something is out of action you realise how much use it is.
i cant turn the ignition on in the car.
do or undo my bra
undo bottles
cut food
spread anything
awkward brushing teeth
and the list goes on

I'm sure later on in the week when the dressing is off and the swelling and bruises have subsided things will be alot easier.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


My brothers 60th Birthday was a huge success in my opinion.The weather was lovely and we sat in the garden until the wee hours. I met a niece and nephew that i had not met before,my eldest daughter was able to meet her uncle and cousins for the first time and she loved them.
I had a small accident involving my bottom slipping and falling about 2 to 3 inches and putting my hand back to steady my self.
This small accident resulted in me being awake at 5 am to take pain killers and a bus ride to casualty a few hours later to be eventually told i have a very small break on my metacarpal and lots of bruising.My thumb is strapped up and should heal quite quickly but its very awkward.
On our travels this afternoon we noticed a hive of activity in the car park of \a newly opened casino.It turned out to be a Qualifier for England's strongest man.We watched for a while as they took turns to push a lorry.These are obviously the kind of people you would wish to meet if you ever needed to be push started.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Can you keep a secret

Tomorrow is my big brothers 60th Birthday.He has flown over to stay with his partners family before he flys off on holiday on Monday.
As i have mentioned before i only found my brother 3 years ago after years of searching.He is my late dads only child from his 1st marriage and for reasons which we both don't have the answers to my dad lost contact with him.
It turns out when i found him that his partners cousin lives a 10 minute walk from my house and my DD used to catch the same school bus as one of their relations.Small world....
Well we have been invited to his surprise party so if you see him please don't tell him as we don't want to spoil the surprise.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Is it just me...

I love taking photos ,my phone has a fairly decent camera on it and its super easy to upload the pictures or share them.

Another thing i like is it maps where the photo was taken.This function came in great use when we were tailgated by a lorry on the M25.I took a photo when it overtook us and phoned to complain about his shocking driving.My picture was able to pinpoint where it was taken ,any how i digress.
I want to have more dots.I have visited a few more places but obviously it only maps pictures i have taken on my phone.
When i went to Paris last year i took a few pictures on route so i could track journey.

Does anyone else do this or is it just me?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Gatwick Airport

My youngest DD has gone on her summer holiday today.This meant i was up at 4 am to take her and 2 others of the group to Gatwick Airport. (6 girls leaving this morning,3 girls and 1 boy leaving this evening)

I have in fact done this journey on 3 separate occasions in the last 7 weeks.Luckily traffic was good and it only took me an hour to get to Gatwick this morning.
Unluckily their flight was delayed by just over 2 hours but she has informed me they arrived safely and are now on route to the apartments.
I like her to stay in touch and she actually likes to stay in touch so i have set up a bolt on ,on her phone so for a minimal daily fee she can use her normal phone allowance whilst on holiday so no nasty shock of a phone bill for me upon her return.

I miss her already and its only day 1.

Please follow me on Bloglovin. Button is near top right of page.Its only showing i have 20 followers and I'm feeling lonely.

Monday, 1 July 2013

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Bucket List

Today i had an email  from Moneysupermaket,inviting me to take part in a competition to win money towards or paying for an item on a Bucket List.

I have already started a Bucket List which if you click on the tab at the top you will see.
Bucket List

I think i can only cross off 1 item on my list so its not an easy list.

The item that i definitely would like to complete sooner rather than later is my picnic.I have had a picnic recently when i took the girls to Legoland but i want to go on one where i can use my wicker picnic baskets a civilised affair with a bottle of wine,that's if i can ever persuade my husband that he can actually drive me not vice versa.
The most expensive item would be my trip to Australia.My big brother lives in Oz and i would truly love to go and visit him.Money is definitely what is stopping me from doing this one seeing its the other side of the world from me its not a cheap trip.

Over to you,here's the link to the competition whats on your Bucket list and whats stopping you from doing some of the things on it

Anyone can enter