Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Enjoying the weather

Because of my stupid thumb i couldn't go to work yesterday(hope to go back Thursday when strapping is off) So as my OH had worked Saturday he had the day off.

Day started with breakfast with eldest daughter which was lovely.We then went to OH's parents where we were meeting up with DS and family where after a cup of tea we drove the short drive to Henley On Thames.The regatta has finished now so its now possible to get into Henley.We parked
in a little free car park( didn't know they still existed) crossed a small field and arrived on the banks of the Thames.
The Thames and Henley is a beautiful place to visit,especially on a hot sunny day,its a very affluent area and very very expensive to live here. We strolled along the bank,nosing at the properties and watching the boats sailing up and day.
It was a lovely afternoon .
Here's some of my day in pictures.

Look out for the boat with the dog bed on it with its own little umbrella attached for shade.
Also the boat for sale,cant even imagine how much some of the bigger boats go for.
If your eyes are good you will also see in one of the pictures a very brave wild water swimmer.


  1. It is beautiful isn't it. I'm so lucky to be able to have a wander along the Thames whenever the weather is nice.

    HOW much is that little boat .... WOW!!

    1. I love your neck of the woods too.x

  2. Looks a fantastic walk and the weather helps of course!

  3. Beautiful place for a stroll.

  4. A really nice day out. I can't believe that there's a free car park in Henley - WOW! Jx