Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Light is clearly visible at the end of my tunnel.

Today i made our last payment (hopefully) to HMRC.
A year ago we had them knocking our door and threatening allsorts.The rest of the year was equally as hellish with the visits.

So it fills me with such delight to now have sent the final payment to them.I have phoned and they are looking into the difference in figures and hopefully sort it out,as i said before i have a paper trail so can prove it all my end.
My journey is still ongoing as i have 1 more payment for my car then just 1 more debt (apart from mortgage)  to pay.
Total debt is now £2100 left to pay then its mortgage blitzing time.53 months left on mortgage.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

4D Scan

Today i had the privilege of being invited to see the scan of my grandchild in 4D.

It was amazing .My daughter in law is 31 weeks and tiny so her bump is all baby and baby doesn't have a lot of room to move.Even though the equipment was playing up and they have to go back in a couple of weeks for another scan.(Nothing recorded)We saw babies face pressed up against placenta,we saw it opening and closing its mouth.Fingers and toes all present and correct and even saw a rather rude gesture it did with a finger which was captured on picture.

Baby size wise is coming along nicely they anticipate about 7lb,both parents were very tempted to ask the sex but resisted.

Apart from that things have been fairly quite in the nto household.Haven't been able to pay the very last bits of 2 small debts off yet as money has not been coming in for weeks now but it should be soon.

Youngest daughter seems to be growing fonder of her friend she met on holiday.I'm happy that she seems happy again.
Eldest daughter took the very brave step of having a discussion about pay with her boss and fingers crossed that's looking hopeful.

Hope all is well in the rest of blogland