Sunday, 30 June 2013


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End to a busy week

Yesterday was my darling granddaughters 5th birthday .Cant quite believe how quick that 5 years have gone.We have had a lovely hectic week, trying to cram as much as possible in as we dont know when we will next see them.
DS took Monday and Tuesday off work and took them to Longleat and swimming.I took Wednesday off work and took them to Legoland.I managed to buy 4 tickets for less than the cost of 1 so it wasn't an expensive day out.It wasn't overly busy so ques were short and we got on everything that they wanted to go on.
As the girls were being picked up lunchtime yesterday we had a little party at my house on Friday,Madz thoroughly enjoyed herself .Its always very sad to say goodbye to them but hopefully it wont be too long before we see them again.

I'm currently house sitting or more correctly dog sitting,its only for 2 nights.DD stayed with me last night but I'm on my own tonight.The dogs seem quite relaxed with me (they don't like DH so hence why I'm on my own)

Will pop home later after i have picked DD up from work and bring my crotchet back as I'm at a bit of a loose end what to do with myself.The dogs can be left but not for huge chunks of time and as I'm going to cinema this afternoon (freebie) i don't want to go home and leave them this morning.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


My Granddaughters are visiting this week.Mum dropped them to me on Saturday and DS took them home (to his)late afternoon.Back to ours Sunday Morning for dinner and a bit of fun in the garden,

DS is takiing most of this week off work so he can spend some quality time with his girls.Yesterday they all went to Longleat safari Park all paid for by Clubcard points.They had a fun day.Today its swimming.Tomorrow its my turn,im taking them to Legoland for the day.The rest of the week will no doubt be busy as we have a Birthday party,Little lady will be 5 on Saturday,where has that time gone.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Don't you just love freecycle.Today i became the lucky new owner of 8 Tomato plants.
3 different varieties all lovingly potted on and now ready to go into my greenhouse.
Hopefully all will thrive along with the rest of my Tomato plants and i will be able to use some of my Tomatoes to make some lovely tomato sauces.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Im an avid ready of My Beautiful life,Fostermummy's blog.
A few days ago she spoke about
A recent news article asked for examples of pareidolia - link - a relatively common phenomenon where people 'see' something that isn't there: like a face in an arrangement of objects, for example.

I never knew it had a name until then so when i saw an example of it when stacking up my newly cut logs in the wood store i had to take a photo to share with you.

This is for you Fostermummy.

As i mentioned before i collected loads of wood,well over the last few  days we have cut it,split it and now have stacked  so they can dry,Im pretty handy with the chainsaw even if i do say so myself.Many hands make light work as they say.

Now to try making firestarters with all that left over saw dust......

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A little pot of sunshine

Thursday evening we had a visit from a friend we have known for a large number of years.He wouldn't mind me mentioning that he is in his late 70's.A retired Solicitor with a brain more active than someone half his age.
He is always helping people and never appears to sit still for long.
When he turned up he came bearing a gift of Homemade marmalade (made himself)
So we traded half a dozen eggs for his marmalade and i must see it was delicious,much better than mine.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Space saving

I have recently been looking on Pinterest for upcycling ideas and one of them that keeps coming up is using empty milk plastic containers.
So as i am running out of room and containers i decided to give it a go and voila my 1st 2 salad leaf planters.
Lets hope they thrive.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Preparing for Winters.

I know we have just had a really nice spell of weather in the UK all be it only for a week.But in my home town May was the coldest since 1996 and we had our fire lit some evenings.

So with that in mind I'm always on the look out for free wood,So it was great to see a sign on one of journeys of "Free Wood"
I have passed by 3 times and filled my car up with said wood and its now up the side of my house waiting for hubby to cut it up so it can be put in our log store to dry.I'm not sure he is as pleased as i am about this as I've now increased his already busy  schedule .If i could do it i would but he wont let me loose on the petrol chainsaw.
My gas and electric charges currently are costing me over £1500 a year so any amount of time my heating isn't on is going to be a bonus.

Monday, 10 June 2013

What an amazing weekend

This weekend we had the pleasure in attending the wedding of the daughter of a very dear friend.
It was an amazing weekend.

When i was told that a date had been set and venue booked i started a search to find the best possible deal for us to stay at the venue hotel.
Marsh Farm Hotel

I booked our rooms back in February.
Saturday kind of snuck on me so last week was a bit of a rush to find an outfit to wear.
Saturday morning youngest DD very kindly did my hair and makeup before i left .Its about and hours drive door to door to the hotel and luckily after prior arrangement we were able to check in early to our rooms to get changed and touch up hair and makeup.

We bumped into another friend at the hotel who very kindly offered us to a lift to the Church.
The Church was beautiful and the Vicar was so funny.So it was a memorable service.
During the photographs we were able to catch up with a few old faces we hadn't seen for an eternity.

The Bride and Groom obviously looked so happy and i felt truly honoured that we were included in their day.
Back at the Hotel for the Wedding breakfast and speech's.Father of the Brides speech made me cry it was so lovely.
The whole day went so well helped by the fact the sun shone all day.

Here are a few pictures i took

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Greedy Chickens

I decided to have my lunch in the garden this afternoon as we are having such lovely weather and these little beggers tried as hard as they could to try and eat my lunch for me.

took a while for them to realise they were walking on a shelf under the glass.
Definately living up to their free range status.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Darling Daughter

My youngest is hoping to go to University next year to study to become a nurse.
She is currently busy revising for her exams which for her start on Thursday.DD decided earlier this year that she did not want to go to Uni this year but to use her year to do voluntary work within a hospital (to increase her UCAS points) do a few extra shifts so she can save so she will have a bit of money behind her .

Another thing she has wanted to do was learn to cook.When she is living in halls she doesn't want to start eating rubbish especially as for the last few months she has become a prescatarian.
This has all been thought and planned.Uni is going to be easy for her to get home or for us to visit so she can still have a steady supply of eggs .Recipes she has been trialing have to be quick ,easy,cheap and healthy.
So far
tuna fish cakes
and this morning we had pancakes.
These pancakes are Divine.
they consist of 1 egg separated and white whisked to peaks.flour and porridge oats.
I had mine with lemon and sweetener. DD tried hers mixed with a dollop of peanut butter mixed in which was also really nice.

What will be next i wonder...

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Today has been a lovely day got better as the day progressed.

It has been lovely spending some time in the garden.planting some more plants out and a few summer bedding planters.

This evening we sat in the garden to eat our tea .We tried the Tesco baked Camembert tonight with freshly baked baguette which was delicious ,especially with the chutney on top.The chickens were roaming free and Lexi (the dog)was just happy to be at our side.I don't know if its because the chickens were already here when Lexi came to live with us  but they wander around in harmony together,neither really bothered of the overs existence.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

I recently saw this posted on a facebook group i belong to.Now i never profess to know everything but there are a few things on here that i haven't heard of before.So well worth a browse.

I'm struggling with the weight loss so when DD and i saw a new gym was opening that was £10.99 a month,open 24/7 with no contract we decided to join.
I have been twice this week and hope to go later today.I was worried about going as its not a pretty sight seeing me try to exercise but we all have to start somewhere.

My weighloss isnt helped by my recent Bzzagent trial.Yesterday my vouchers arrived for the cheese for entertaining.
Its currently on offer in Tesco 3 for 2 so with my coupons i hardly spent anything.Last night i made quesidillas .They took minutes to make and were delicious although quite spicy.

I also have the Camembert and Hallumi cheese to try.

Anyone else on here a Bzzagent? this is my 3rd trial and cant wait for the next one.

I have a question for you clever people.
How do you dry your chilli's?