Sunday, 30 June 2013

End to a busy week

Yesterday was my darling granddaughters 5th birthday .Cant quite believe how quick that 5 years have gone.We have had a lovely hectic week, trying to cram as much as possible in as we dont know when we will next see them.
DS took Monday and Tuesday off work and took them to Longleat and swimming.I took Wednesday off work and took them to Legoland.I managed to buy 4 tickets for less than the cost of 1 so it wasn't an expensive day out.It wasn't overly busy so ques were short and we got on everything that they wanted to go on.
As the girls were being picked up lunchtime yesterday we had a little party at my house on Friday,Madz thoroughly enjoyed herself .Its always very sad to say goodbye to them but hopefully it wont be too long before we see them again.

I'm currently house sitting or more correctly dog sitting,its only for 2 nights.DD stayed with me last night but I'm on my own tonight.The dogs seem quite relaxed with me (they don't like DH so hence why I'm on my own)

Will pop home later after i have picked DD up from work and bring my crotchet back as I'm at a bit of a loose end what to do with myself.The dogs can be left but not for huge chunks of time and as I'm going to cinema this afternoon (freebie) i don't want to go home and leave them this morning.

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