Monday, 10 June 2013

What an amazing weekend

This weekend we had the pleasure in attending the wedding of the daughter of a very dear friend.
It was an amazing weekend.

When i was told that a date had been set and venue booked i started a search to find the best possible deal for us to stay at the venue hotel.
Marsh Farm Hotel

I booked our rooms back in February.
Saturday kind of snuck on me so last week was a bit of a rush to find an outfit to wear.
Saturday morning youngest DD very kindly did my hair and makeup before i left .Its about and hours drive door to door to the hotel and luckily after prior arrangement we were able to check in early to our rooms to get changed and touch up hair and makeup.

We bumped into another friend at the hotel who very kindly offered us to a lift to the Church.
The Church was beautiful and the Vicar was so funny.So it was a memorable service.
During the photographs we were able to catch up with a few old faces we hadn't seen for an eternity.

The Bride and Groom obviously looked so happy and i felt truly honoured that we were included in their day.
Back at the Hotel for the Wedding breakfast and speech's.Father of the Brides speech made me cry it was so lovely.
The whole day went so well helped by the fact the sun shone all day.

Here are a few pictures i took


  1. What a lovely day - the weather was fantastic and the venue looked great! Jx

  2. You can't beat a lovely wedding in the glorious English sunshine can you. What a happy looking time you had :-)