Saturday, 1 June 2013

I recently saw this posted on a facebook group i belong to.Now i never profess to know everything but there are a few things on here that i haven't heard of before.So well worth a browse.

I'm struggling with the weight loss so when DD and i saw a new gym was opening that was £10.99 a month,open 24/7 with no contract we decided to join.
I have been twice this week and hope to go later today.I was worried about going as its not a pretty sight seeing me try to exercise but we all have to start somewhere.

My weighloss isnt helped by my recent Bzzagent trial.Yesterday my vouchers arrived for the cheese for entertaining.
Its currently on offer in Tesco 3 for 2 so with my coupons i hardly spent anything.Last night i made quesidillas .They took minutes to make and were delicious although quite spicy.

I also have the Camembert and Hallumi cheese to try.

Anyone else on here a Bzzagent? this is my 3rd trial and cant wait for the next one.

I have a question for you clever people.
How do you dry your chilli's?


  1. Thanks for sharing aboiut Bzzagent, have just joined ... I'd never heard of it, so eagerly awaiting my vouchers now! Have never dried chillies, but could it be by threading them on a string and hanging them?

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Love Claire xx

    1. One word of advice keep up to date on the surveys and get your Bzz score up.x

  2. I was a BzzAgent, but cancelled as I felt my Blog was being overrun with advertising, I mention the other things I do and buy from far too often as it is. I did do a couple of taste trials for them though before I cancelled. All the vouchers they sent me to hand out to other folk caused problems at checkouts and embarrassed them so I decided not to continue with any of it.

    I dry my Chillis in a just warm oven, I lower the temperature after I have used it for something else and leave them for an hour or two on the lowest setting, then I string and hang them in a sunny warm spot in the kitchen to finish off.

    Now though after finding out that dried chilli flakes are so cheap in the 'World Foods' aisle at supermarkets I buy them dried and use all my homegrown ones fresh.

    1. Thanks Sue,i will keep an eye on that with Bzz agent.
      Thanks for the info on the chilli's.

  3. Hi,

    I just got my cheese vouchers after joining a week ago. We grow loads of chillies and I just lay them flat on a baking tray and dry them in a warm ish oven when I have turned it off, leave them overnight. Then I just chopped them up and used them and ground some too.
    Good luck with the bzz agent, ill keep you updated on mine too.


  4. Hi, I get a needle & thread and pierce the stalks to make a chain...then I just wind the thread around a cupboard know or hook in the kitchen and they dry naturally. I've left the needle & thread attached and just add more chillies when I want to dry them.