Monday, 17 June 2013

Im an avid ready of My Beautiful life,Fostermummy's blog.
A few days ago she spoke about
A recent news article asked for examples of pareidolia - link - a relatively common phenomenon where people 'see' something that isn't there: like a face in an arrangement of objects, for example.

I never knew it had a name until then so when i saw an example of it when stacking up my newly cut logs in the wood store i had to take a photo to share with you.

This is for you Fostermummy.

As i mentioned before i collected loads of wood,well over the last few  days we have cut it,split it and now have stacked  so they can dry,Im pretty handy with the chainsaw even if i do say so myself.Many hands make light work as they say.

Now to try making firestarters with all that left over saw dust......


  1. I didnt know it had a name either. Jx

  2. I see these little things all the time and didn't know it had a name until I read FM blog post.

    I have a little baby in a nappy on the ceiling directly over my bed, not really, he's just a bit of missing plaster that has been painted over but I always check to see if 'baby' is still there :-)

    I love your little wood 'face'.

  3. Great, now I know I am not mad .Wooohoooo!

  4. Once you start seeing them you spot quite a few don't you?

    X x