Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Greedy Chickens

I decided to have my lunch in the garden this afternoon as we are having such lovely weather and these little beggers tried as hard as they could to try and eat my lunch for me.

took a while for them to realise they were walking on a shelf under the glass.
Definately living up to their free range status.


  1. Brilliant. I would love to have some chickens but dont have any room.

  2. Bless them! I particularly like the last photo!!! Jx

  3. Our three are just as pestery and greedy if we try and eat outside. They have a new safe run now, more room behind a good high fence when we want to use the garden and then when we go in they can come out and forage before bedtime. It also means less pooey mess in my bit of the garden to worry about!

  4. Chickens are such a hoot. :)