Tuesday, 25 June 2013


My Granddaughters are visiting this week.Mum dropped them to me on Saturday and DS took them home (to his)late afternoon.Back to ours Sunday Morning for dinner and a bit of fun in the garden,

DS is takiing most of this week off work so he can spend some quality time with his girls.Yesterday they all went to Longleat safari Park all paid for by Clubcard points.They had a fun day.Today its swimming.Tomorrow its my turn,im taking them to Legoland for the day.The rest of the week will no doubt be busy as we have a Birthday party,Little lady will be 5 on Saturday,where has that time gone.


  1. How lovely for you all to have them with you. Sounds like a fun packed week for all of you. Enjoy it hun

    X x

  2. They are cute and getting so big! I'm glad you could spend some time with them!