Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Darling Daughter

My youngest is hoping to go to University next year to study to become a nurse.
She is currently busy revising for her exams which for her start on Thursday.DD decided earlier this year that she did not want to go to Uni this year but to use her year to do voluntary work within a hospital (to increase her UCAS points) do a few extra shifts so she can save so she will have a bit of money behind her .

Another thing she has wanted to do was learn to cook.When she is living in halls she doesn't want to start eating rubbish especially as for the last few months she has become a prescatarian.
This has all been thought and planned.Uni is going to be easy for her to get home or for us to visit so she can still have a steady supply of eggs .Recipes she has been trialing have to be quick ,easy,cheap and healthy.
So far
tuna fish cakes
and this morning we had pancakes.
These pancakes are Divine.
they consist of 1 egg separated and white whisked to peaks.flour and porridge oats.
I had mine with lemon and sweetener. DD tried hers mixed with a dollop of peanut butter mixed in which was also really nice.

What will be next i wonder...


  1. She sounds so sensible, well done. And those pancakes look amazing :-)

  2. I've never thought of eating peanut butter with pancakes. What a good idea! Jx