Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy Birthday lovely Mother in law

As the title says its my mother in laws birthday today, so Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady.We arranged to meet my son and his family over there and delivery all cards and presents.

She was delighted with the homemade cards from the little ones and Maddie gave her all her presents one by one.Great nan and Grandad haven't been told yet that the girls are moving away,we didn't think it was right to share such bad news on her birthday.Seeing the girls so happy and bouncing around that it made me well up knowing that these kind of occasions are going to be few and far between.All presents were very frugally purchased but she loved every one of them.We stayed for a buffet lunch which was lovely.

MIL then had a surprise for my daughter.When she was younger (DD) nanny used to buy her a Mr Blobby cake ,Sadly Mr Blobby is no longer around so nor are the cakes so MIL made her some,thought DD was going to cry when she saw them.

We all went our separate ways after lunch,i went with OH to look at a job in Marlow.We live in Berkshire which is a very narrow county so its quick and easy to get to lots of over counties.Marlow is 18 miles from home and we went from Berkshire into Oxfordshire then into Buckinghamshire.If it wasn't such a miserable day we would have stopped but its a lovely town on the River Thames.

Daddy with his little girl

 Mr Blobby

Marlow Bridge

Nice quite evening in tonight catching up with Blogs and cross stitching

Enjoy your evening


  1. Those Mr blobbys look great, enjoy your cross stiching I havent done cross stitch for years

    Bernie x

  2. Oh how sweet.... No wonder she was touched. Enjoy your evening.

    X x

  3. Looks like you had a really nice time yesterday. My family is really small but we love getting together to celebrate stuff. Jx

  4. What a great day and sweet cakes. It's the little things that are so special