Wednesday, 25 April 2012

They dont make them like they used too

On Monday at one of my customers house i was asked to polish her floor.I do this once a month.
I apply the polish by hand on my hands and knees,leave for a few hours then buff in and polish off.
I use her floor polisher which she has had for about 45 years,Its made by Hoover and i meant to take a photo of it but she was by my side and i thought i would look quite strange.
Its an amazing little machine and still going strong and her floor looks amazing when done.

Tonight my eldest daughter came for tea,it was so nice to hear both my girls chatting upstairs whilst my youngest was sorting out some old clothes for her.
I filled a bag of food from my freezer for her to take home,i may not be rich but i have food in my freezer enough to be able to share.
 Until later


  1. So funny, my girls too seem to think our house is a grocery store!!

  2. Hi some of the older items are nice less complicated. Thats amazing it is 45 years old!
    Thats nice that your daughters shared some time together. I am sure she was more than happy with the little food parcel to. When I go to my mums I am always given boxes of cereal my dad seems to stock pile quite a bit! xx