Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Money saving ideas

Morning all
as you already know i do like to get something for nothing.
One way i do this is Swagbucks, i always keep the tab open and when im on the computer i click onto it,I hardly ever do the surveys on this site i mainly click through the tv bits, do the daily polls and NOSO thing. I get on average a £5  Amazon voucher every 3 to 4 weeks .This pays for the ink for my printer.You can earn more but it just depends how much time you have.

Heres a link to Swagbucks, its just a general link to the website not a referal link.

I will be back later with another money saving idea.

Until later



  1. I love swagbucks, so easy to use and the points add up quite quickly.

  2. I use Swagbucks to get Amamzon vouchers which buy our DVDs.
    Jane x

  3. More great advice. Thank you.

    Sft x

  4. I love swagbucks too. I usually save Amazon vouchers for Christmas time.