Wednesday, 29 February 2012

And the Winner is

I gave each of you a number

inputted the details into the random generator and it came up as no 7



Please can you email me your address and i will post the bag to you

Back to normal business
I have decided as long as it the correct size to order a new fridge freezer from Tesco Direct. I can get 4% cashback through my daughters work ,so it makes it a bit cheaper.Hopefully OH will measure the gap tonight so i can order it.I will show you what i have chosen when it comes.

DD had physio today, she is doing so well,lots of our worries were explained .Balance and strength just need to be improved but as i have said before we have been told that it takes up to a year to get back to normal.
If any Uk based followers would like a referral to the bingo site i mentioned yesterday click the link above and i will send you the details..

I am quite excited as i have my bingo money and topcashback going into the bank over the next couple of days.
nearly £50 of free money which will go probably towards paying the car off.

Hope you are all well
until later


I'm going to pick a name out of the hat for my giveaway later this evening, so if there are any lurkers out there , please press follow so i can include you.

until later

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

That was Tuesday..

Today has whizzed by..In between jobs today i popped into WH Smith.Some of my UK followers may have read on MSE about an offer in store. Hopefully i can explain it.

The offer is if you buy any greeting card you get a £15 wh smith gift card for £10
so my initial outlay was  £1.75 for card and £10 for gift card.
you then use this gift card to pay for the next purchase.
you then use each card to pay for next transaction,its confusing but it works out after 5 transactions I'm about £16 in profit. as well as having 5 blank cards.

I was also invited by a fellow mse member to join a bingo site, be prepared to be confused for a 2nd time.

You sign up giving the name of the person who referred you, deposit £10 and you get a £20 bonus.Play the £10 in any bingo game and once this £ 10 has gone you get another £10 bonus from the referral. This can be withdrawn straight away.So you now are not out of pocket.
Still with me....
I had won some money whilst playing so i sent a message asking when i could withdraw more money  as my account was about £34,was informed i had to spend £10.70 more,which i did,won another line and my balance at the end was £31, which i promptly withdrew.
So i was £31 in profit.I'm not a gambler so wanted to get the money out asap because i would have been very upset if i then lost it by continuing to play.So when this reaches my account i will pad it ...

Picked up granddaughters from schools, dropped them home and then went to pick up my daughter.

My fridge in the kitchen is on its way out, so what i have gained in someways i will loose in others.I have a fridge freezer in another room but it doesn't fit the gap and as my kitchen is fairly new i don't want to alter it.I have looked on Gumtree but they are about half the price of a new one, so don't know whether to just leave a gap until i can afford one or go for the 2nd hand option.

until later

ps does anyone have the reward scheme offered to them by their council for recycling. just wondered how it worked

Monday, 27 February 2012

Drum roll please......

Today i have paid off the last of my OH'S van loan, yippee.
Ive not told him as like i have said before we are both on different wavelengths when it comes to debt repayment.I now want to snowball this money into paying off the car loan,this could be paid off then by July.
My money from 2nd job is still going to taxman but this figure is coming down all be it slowly.

2012 could be the year we finally get straight and its so exciting..

Today wasn't as nice as yesterday but i was at work so it didn't really matter.
I had a spare bit of time before i had to pick DD up this afternoon so went through a few renewal quotes that have been arriving. My breakdown cover had gone up by £10 a month so i phoned them and said i was considering leaving and they said they would reduce it to same as last year and give me 6 months home repair cover free of charge.So that's sorted. My car insurance has gone up as well but Ive done a few comparisons and can get that down slightly.

Lastly i phoned through my meter readings,now this one isn't sorted.
The lady worked out i could get a slightly better deal and worked out how much i had spent between 11/10 and 11/11 and it was over £1700 for gas and electric.I was shocked to say the least.
This last quarter i have been very strict with my usage..Just don't know what else to do, ....

Think you will have a long wait to get the followers so will do the giveaway shortly. Could someone point me in the right direction for the programme that people use for the random selection....

until next time

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lovely day

Granddaughter's stayed last night,not that we saw much of them in the early evening, They both wanted to be with DD and her boyfriend.

Eldest granddaughter wanted to sleep in with DD but at about 11.30 pm i was woken up because my granddaughter didn't feel too good.She was OK but then wanted to sleep on her bed on the floor in my room.

This morning after a while of playing indoors with Moon sand ( that stuff is brilliant)

We went in the garden to play.The girls played on the trampoline and chatted to the girls next door and i finished weeding my raised beds.OH cut the grass and we moved all the branches i had cut ready to burn.
The garden is looking so much better.

I have just ordered a new lance for my pressure washer so next weekend if its nice i can get the decking cleaned.

What a difference a bit of sun and warmth can do,it makes you feel so much better.

How have you spent your Sunday?

Until later

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lego House

As yesterday didn't go to plan for my OH my evening changed.
Lets start at the very beginning ( should i now burst into song)

OH borrowed my car in the end and went to pick up the parts for his van. Mechanic came and tried to fit the parts and said they were the wrong ones......He sat outside my work for an hour waiting for me to finish, i don't have set times,i finish when the work is finished.On way home he told me about parts i asked if he had sourced the correct one from the dealer,he said he had rung them and they had said Tuesday...and he couldn't order them because he had no money.
I made ONE phonecall part will be in after 8.30 in the morning and he pays when he collects it.
In meantime DS rang stressing that he hasn't earned any money this week because they hadn't finished a job ( which would have been finished yesterday.)and says could the girls be dropped to me so him and his dad could pick some tiles up and work until dark.Which is what happened.Girls dropped off just after 3 .all this happened in the space of 1/2 an hour from me getting home.
Well on to the nice bit.
After a while of playing high jump with a scarf.A bit of dressing up in a suit DD uncovered from her room.

Little one and i started to play with Lego
Ed Sheeran would be proud of us as we built a Lego House

Girls went back with daddy at about 6.30.They are staying with us tonight so will see them again very soon.
Not sure why the print has changed on the page so sorry for confusing you .

Lastly.i have a Milk and more account which i haven't used for ages.Had a phonecall last night asking if i would like an item delivered weekly for 4 weeks foc,i said free range eggs.This can be done inconjuction with any other offer as well. So found a code for if you order £10 worth of things you pay £5. Lots of special offers going at the moment so managed to spend £10 on items priced same as supermarket.So including eggs spent £11.73  and will only pay £5.
All kept in a milk crate which hopefully he wont mind me borrowing as this will now mean i can reach the top of some of my windows.

I have some new followers so welcome and hopefully you will enjoy reading about my journey to debt freedom.
So until later

Friday, 24 February 2012

Oh what a beautiful afternoon

I arrived home at around 2 pm yesterday and went straight into the garden.I was talking to one of my customers about a few jobs i was waiting for OH to do and one of them was the branches.She told me she had a set of loppers( is that what they are called?) and i could borrow them. So DD was quite excited to have a go so i pointed her in the right direction and off she went cutting back the high branches.I swept and weeded some of my raised beds in anticiaption for some serious planting over the next few months.
It was lovely to spend a couple of hours in the garden.Simple things please simple minds.

However whilst in the garden i had a few missed calls from OH AND DS they had broken down.....
OH on his total negative streak saying it was going to cost a fortune.I gave him the number of The AA he phoned they came and did a temporary repair to get him home ,the gear box linkage had gone.he needs all 3 .If that makes sense to anyone.Well it was 5.15 by this time and i just managed to price and source these items and a lovely lady told me what was needed and that she would order them and they could be collected today after 8.30 am for a total cost of just under £35.
DS's friend who he has done a few favours for recently is coming this morning to fit them.

So major catastrophe averted.
Last year when i took out this membership i also added repairs to the policy so if either of our vehicles had to be taken to a garage The AA would pay for any repair up to £500 with us paying the first £35.
OH has along work this morning to pick the parts up as i have to go to work ,i did suggest he dropped me off and then picked me up but i think that was to much like hard work for him.

DD is off today inset day so shes pleased, she finds it so much easier to study at home.

Hope you all had a good day.

One last thing I'm not doing too well getting new followers so if possible could you lovely people post a link to my blog to see if that works.
It may be of course that my blog is so boring people just don't want to follow

Until later

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Today is supposed to be ....

The weathermen are forecasting that today the weather is going to hit the dizzy heights of 16 degrees C in my neck of the woods.I hope its still lovely when i get home as i would love to get some jobs done in the garden.
Still waiting for OH to trim the acer down that has got too big but as at his insistence he wants me to watch what hes doing,this has not been done yet.

Work is catching up on me now ,its especially hit me hard DD going back to school as her timetable isn't a normal 8.30 till 3.She can finish anytime from 12 o'clock onwards,so I'm finding myself picking her up dropping her off then going back to work on top of physio appointments.I'm finding i have to make notes so i remember what to do.
It will all be worth it in the end.OH is still not working properly the phone has never been so quite.I know this is also hitting DS hard and in 1 way i hope he finds another job so he can get out of the self employed rat trap.

I have under £150 left to pay on OH 's van I'm so excited to see this go even though we wont see the money as i want to snowball it into the car loan and then the mortgage.I'm not telling OH van is nearly paid off as he doesn't think like me and he would see this as extra money in our pockets but i wont to be debt and mortgage free.
Don't forget my giveaway, would love a few more followers.

Take care
until later

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


How can you wake up tired? need motivating this morning.
My days are getting busier and I'm getting tireder.I'm trying to fit in all this extra work I'm doing with school runs and sometimes that's difficult as i don't often work near school.

I said yesterday i would post a picture of my BRIBE  Giveaway.So here it is.

We have a really pretty town hall especially at night.
Even though my postal address doesn't say this town,this is who we belong too and pay our council tax too.

I have 2 new followers so a huge welcome and thanks for joining, hopefully a few more will join now they know what they can get LOL.

Until later

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


To try and bribe  encourage more people to talk to me/follow me. I have a giveaway.
Will post a picture later.Its a memento from my hometown. so if i can get to 60 followers ( or if this takes too long i will lower figure) i will pick a name out of the hat.

Don't mind where your from,its quite light i will post anywhere.

until later


Early morning quick blog to say if you get the chance go and see
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Its  a great film.
You laugh out loud,it brings tears to your eyes.Loads of great actors in it

and ps thanks for clicking the ads.

Until later
Maggie SmithMaggie Smith...
Judi DenchJudi Dench...
Bill NighyBill Nighy...
Penelope WiltonPenelope Wilton...
Dev PatelDev Patel...
Tom WilkinsonTom Wilkinson...
Celia ImrieCelia Imrie...
Ramona MarquezRamona Marquez...
Ronald PickupRonald Pickup...
Liza TarbuckLiza Tarbuck...
Head Nurse Karen
Tena DesaeTena Desae...
Lillete DubeyLillete Dubey...
Mrs. Kapoor
Russell Balogh

Russell Balogh

Monday, 20 February 2012

Energy consumption

Back to one of my my most talked about topics( well talked about indoors)
I try my best to limit what we use,even though its like banging my head against a brick wall sometimes.

I have just inputted my meter readings and its gone down ,yippee.
Here's my graph for the last few weeks

each bar is 1 i enter the details every Monday .
DD is now back at school,I'm out whilst shes at school so hopefully it will go down even more next wee.

As i just said DD went back to school this week.she has been working from home since she broke her ankle
(on DRs advice) she has virtually caught up with her work but until she has she is working in the 6th  form library.I think she enjoyed being back to some kind of normality today even though i found it hard leaving just after 7.30 again.

DD had Physio again this afternoon,not alot could be done as the ankle is very swollen,no pain which is good.Her going back to work is off the agenda for a bit longer as now she is on her feet more this is causing the swelling.Driving is also not allowed at the moment.
We go back again next week.

This evening DD and i are going to the cinema,to see The best exotic Marigold hotel ( i think that's correct)
Free tickets through my bank( the only good thing a bank has done for me)

So OH will enjoy some peace watching his soaps.

I know i must sound like a warped record but could people please click on the adverts. I think i have only had 1 click registered in the last 2 days,I am grateful to all that do this and just grateful you read my ramblings.
Would love all you lurkers to come out of lurkdom even just to say hello.

OH is cooking tonight as he finished very early.
I'm just off to catch up on some reading.I will let you know what the film was like later

Until later

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just a simple day

Today has been a lovely day,non eventful but lovely.
Even though i had to iron for a customer,it was nice not to be somewhere at a certain time.

I ironed whilst watching a film,don't normally put tv on during the day .

Brother wasn't in, strange when you live about 4 miles from someone its impossible to get to see them.

From brothers we went to inlaws.Mother in law is struggling learning how to email so i helped her go through it again.

From here we went to deliver the ironing back,

Then home,my favourite place.
Where i am currently not doing alot apart from reading blogs and getting coupons.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.
Until later

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just a quick update

I spoke this morning about the coupons you can get from SSM
Well here is a selection of what you can get from Tesco

Flash both kinds is a £1 so free with the coupon
Lenor is half price at mo @£1.68 so you pay 68 p with coupon
The persil is what i mentioned earlier and costs £2.20 with coupon.
so this little lot cost me £2.88

Until later

Good morning blogland

Yesterday i saw this link

If you have facebook and live in the Uk its an easy way to print off coupons,currently i have a number of £1 off coupons mainly for Tesco but also sainsburys and Boots.
You get these for just posting a few tips,very simple and as I'm full of useless information,easy...
Give it a go. I also was awarded a £25 Love to Shop voucher which will be sent in the post.

I'm slightly amazed at how easy being frugal is becoming,its now been over a year i have been on this journey.
With a bit of careful planning i can reduce my spending drastically.Why oh why did  i not do this sooner....
I think i must drive my family crazy talking about my next money saving scheme and what i want them to save for me next but i LOVE IT.... obviously becoming debt and mortgage free is the goal but once that's done what a frugal life we can have.
Every now and then i get down that it goes at a slow pace but I'm seeing the difference to how much is owed and i suppose that's all that matters.
I'm always on the look out for new money saving ideas so if you have any throw them my way.

Must get ready for work now.
Until later

PS im clicking on all your ads as well.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Was it Half Term?

This half term has flown by.I think this has been the first holiday that i have worked every day and i have missed the time i used to spend with my DD.
Today work was stupid my boss seems to think he can do and say what he pleases because he is the boss.Once again it wasnt aimed directly at me but one of my colleagues lost her job yesterday over a comment which was said light heartily and taken the wrong way. My colleague hadn't  signed her contract so he could get rid of her.
I hadn't signed a contract so i asked about it today and one was printed off for me.So this is going to be signed and returned tomorrow.
So much grief from a simple job for a little amount of money....
I must keep saying to myself that this money is going to debt busting...

Well moan over.Only have work tomorrow at the pub so apart from ironing i have Sunday off ,I'm so looking forward to it.

Someone must of had a serious headache this morning as i found a whole box of empty cans in one of the rooms today so i have put these in my car to save for my green clubcard points.

Thank you once again for clicking the ads,I'm in the process of verifying my account so hopefully next month some money will start to roll on( then roll straight out again to the tax man)

Off to catch up with other bloggs and update snowball and spreadsheet.

until later

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Another new Day

In my neck of the woods yesterday felt almost Spring like.Nothing like a mild day to make you feel better...

One of my jobs was cancelled yesterday so DD and i went to the Cinema to see Woman in Black,wow does that film make you jump.could love to see the stage show as I've heard this is really good adaptation.

Little one came over yesterday evening as she didn't come Tuesday,i know I'm biased but she is adorable,I was told i was the best nanny in the world...even though she probably says it to all her Nanny's and grandmas ( and she has a few in her life) i LOVED it...We played ,attempted to get her to eat her dinner and then it was home time.
 The dog has the patience of a Saint

Looked more into the recycling and OH says the scrap yards take aluminium cans but SFT posted a comment saying her parents recycle at Tesco and get clubcard points.I looked into this and found this

you get clubcard points for recycling ,cans,milk bottles and glass.We have one of these automated centres about 15 miles from us, so once every few months we are going to try it ( check its working first)
I love Clubcard rewards and i could use it if i get enough in time to get our RAC membership.

So our recycling bins are going to be sorted again so the stuff i can take doesn't go out in the council recycling.
My son is going to save his for us and I'm going to pick up every thing i see that's of use.Good job OH has a van i can see us having alot.( just thought about all the bottles at work)
I will let you know how i get on.
Hopefully it will turn out to be fruitful.

(oh blow just found out its only the cans they give the credit for)

Thank you for all those that clicked on the adverts yesterday its REALLY appreciated if you all could do it everyday that would be great.
I'm sure there was something else i was going to tell you but for the life of me i cant remember what it is at the moment so
until later

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The cogs are turning

I should be getting ready for work but after reading Frugal down under's blog it got me thinking if we have anywhere aluminium cans can be recycled for cash.

Ive searched and searched but I'm going around in circles.Does anyone know if this is possible or even done it?
My OH uses scrap metal merchants occasionally for other products so he might know but I'm impatient.

Please may I ask again if people could click on my ads

i think i got 3 clicks yesterday so thank you.
I do always return the favor.

OH is getting down now about the lack of work coming in so the quicker we get everything paid off the better,I know I'm still talking years for the mortgage but the stress and strain is taking its toll.

I said yesterday that OH doesn't believe in Valentines day but he tried to be nice and thoughtful and it backfired.
One of my neighbours has been trying to get hold of him for a couple of days,yesterday she blurted out to me that he had ordered some cupcakes for me and my 2 girls for Valentines day.She made them on Saturday and because he hadn't been along to pay for them she threw them away on Monday....But she still wants her money £24 .
I'm annoyed that he has wasted this money but the thought was lovely and so out of character.
I'm also a bit peeved that he ordered them for Valentines and they had to be thrown away the day before Valentines.

Now i must go and get ready for work
My showers broken so i have to run a bath.

Until later

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day

I don't tend to do much on Valentines day,OH has never agreed with it so hes never really bothered.
My neighbour has just had a flower arrangement delivered and i must admit I'm a tad envious.I always used to love having flowers delivered....

My youngest daughter did something lovely as usual she left this on the side before she went out yesterday.

Fed ex were parked outside my house when i returned from work delivering a parcel,well i hadn't ordered anything so assumed it was for DD as she is the only one that has a disposable income in this house.But to my surprise it was for me i have won a ceramic cheese platter from Waitrose how exciting is that....

On a sadder note

My eldest daughter lives with a lovely couple who have been trying for a baby for many years.Lots of miscarriages.Well the latter part of last year by surprise she fell pregnant,passed the point she normally miscarries and she began to feel hopeful.
A week ago she had the results of her amnio and it was not good news,The baby was not viable with life so would not have survived being born.So yesterday she was admitted to hospital to deliver the stillborn baby.It always saddens me that labour is the only way to do this,all that pain for no gain.
Well Sally wanted my Yaz with her.Yaz was a trooper she was with her every step of the way and actually caught the baby when it was delivered.It was perfectly formed little girl .
Many tears were shed by Yaz to me on the phone so she could then dry her eyes and go back into Sally.
I'm very proud that my daughter was able to help Sally in her hour of need.It brings a lump to my throat just thinking about this ordeal and i count my blessings i was able to have 3 wonderful children.I fell in love with my babies the moment i found out i was pregnant, they were never just cells or foetuses they were my babies.

Valentines day will now have a totally different meaning to this couple it will now be the birthday and day there baby died.
And it is also the end of all possibilities of them ever being able to have children...

Until later

How exciting

Just been going through my emails and i have finally been approved for Adsense,
So i would be extremely grateful if all you lovely folks could click on the adverts (you can click straight off them again)

Then hopefully my debt free journey will be a tiny bit quicker.

Thank you

until later

Monday, 13 February 2012

Just dropping by to say Hello

Just wanted to say hello and welcome my new follower.
As i have said before its lovely to know your not talking to yourself....

I'm sat huddled in my blanket with a nice mug of tea.OH will be home soon,
DD is out until tomorrow night, so i don't feel bad about not having heating on.
Its 5.10pm and its still quite light outside, its lovely to actually see the days getting longer.Roll on Spring i say.I read today that its already been the coldest February in 25 years.I can vouch for that as when i input my meter readings this morning my usage had shot up.Now this wasn't turning up the thermostat it must be that the heating had to come on more to get up to 17/18 degrees.I'm glad its nearly the end of the quarter as the next one should be a bit better( she says with fingers crossed)

Had a houseful last night inlaws came for dinner and DS and his girlfriend popped around as well.Lovely evening.MIL gave me a vintage coffee maker ,Sunbeam.I have mentioned to her before that i would like one even though i don't like coffee,but i love the smell and i can just make a jug for others to drink cant i.

Tonight is going to be a quite one.Soup for dinner if OH doesn't moan and homemade bread.We eat big proper meals ever day so it will make a change just to have a simple meal.

For all those UK bloggers that want to save a few pence. Persil non bio washing liquid is half price in both Tesco and Morrison, down to £3.20 for 28 washes,drop me an email if your interested in details of a coupon to bring it down further.

Also Dettol antibacterial spray £1 in Tesco .same as above...

Just going to start catching up on other blogs

until later

Saturday, 11 February 2012

1 month closer

I have just finished my days work and its now time to relax.
I finished my cleaning job and then had to collect a basket of ironing.Even though it was the last thing i felt like doing,i had to do it straight away as it has to be dropped off when i finish work tomorrow.

Managed to get to the bank and phone shop.DD managed to drop her phone in her bowl of soup last night and her phone screen went white.Its insured and under warranty so wont be out of pocket,she just has to wait for it to be sent off ,probably 2 weeks.
As DD is a normal teenager her phone is so important to her so they gave us a loan phone.

Tonight we are going out for a meal,DD and her Bf are taking us out to say thank you for driving them to London,Looking forward to it.

Finally sorted out my complaint about the meal we had a few weeks ago which was horrendous.We were offered 25% off our meal at the same restaurant, which i refused.Spoke to the area manager last night and he was very apologetic and we now have a free 3 course meal for 4 at our local branch.Just have to wait for his letter now.

Nearly forgot to say as i managed to get to the bank, we are now a month closer to our mortgage being paid off ,this obviously depends on snowballing going to plan.
Hope your weekend is going well

Until later

Friday, 10 February 2012


This afternoon DD had her 1st physio session at the hospital.She was assessed,

It turns out she also has low arches which is apparently bad for her knees and will need to go to her GP to be referred for that.It seems 1 thing after another.

Physio was painful but needs to be done.She is improving by the day but it will be a long time before shes allowed to wear heels again.Another session in 10 days.

Very tired tonight its been a long week.I would say I'm pleased its Friday but I'm working Saturday and Sunday.

Just made a cake and now sat with a cup of tea...lovely

Hope everyone is well
until later

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Little Treat

I know we are ploughing all monies into paying off our debts but today i booked for us to have 1 night away in May.
We need something to look forward too otherwise it all gets a bit depressing .We have stopped doing so much,
So seeing that Travelodge were having a £10 sale i thought i would try and get hold of a room.
I asked OH if he could have 1 night away where would he like to go and he said The Cotswolds.So after an hour of trying early this morning i managed to book Burford which is approx 6 miles from Bourton on the Water.I even managed to get a bank holiday we are going 6th May and come home on 7th.
Did anyone else try to book a room?
Dinner tonight was ham ,egg and chips.Ham went in slow cooker this morning.It was delicious and lots left again.

My first Swagbucks Amazon voucher has arrived in my account and im on my way to getting my 2 nd one.
Spud shillings are also building up nicely .These are all going to be used for presents.Birthdays and Christmas.

Its blooming cold here DD isnt home again tonight so heating was off and gas fire was on as only one room was being used,had to give in and turn heating on as OH wanted a shower and bathroom was freezing.

Stay warm and stay safe
until later

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Campbell soup

Here's a link to Campbell's  web page. I f you fill your details in you get emailed a 20 p off coupon,which can be printed off.
In Asda  they have a new variety of the soup for 50p so 30 p after you have used the coupon,Here are 2 i picked up this evening,they come in 2 sizes and a few different flavours.

Hope this helps some of you.
I am always on the look out for coupons as i begrudge paying full price for anything. I must admit i love Extreme couponing and would love for us to have the same opportunities as the U.S.A
Does anyone else use coupons?

OH is just off to pick up a ladder off free cycle,that's another site i love,tend to do most of my decluttering to freecycle.

Still havent heard any more about Adsense,does anyone know how long it normally takes to get up and running?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chocolate Fudge Pudding

Today i tried a recipe that  was posted on a Diary of Frugal family
here it is

Chocolate Fudge Pudding

We all enjoyed it.

The girls came over tonight so we had a fun evening.

Watched the Graffalos Child with little one given us a running commentary of what is going to happen.

A bit more money earned today which went to debt busting,getting there slowly but surely.

Just off to catch up on every ones bloggs and to see if they had a more interesting day than me.

Until later

Monday, 6 February 2012

Have you been there?

Have you been there? 
I've never been in Cahoots. 
Apparently, you can't go alone; you have to be in Cahoots with someone. 
I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. 
I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work. 
I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. 
I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often. 
I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. 
Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. 
One of my favourite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! 
I may have been in Continent, and I don't remember what country I was in. 
Life is too short for negative drama & petty things. So laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly! 
No one can drive you cRazy unless you give them the keys. 

Bakewell Tart

It took me an hour to get to my first job today a journey that takes 20 mins max and it had nothing to do with the snow.It was a set of temporary traffic lights they caused mayhem.

Apart from that work was fine.
When i got home DD and i decided to try and rearrange the furniture... One of my radiators is behind the couch its about 12 inches away from it but not an ideal position.So we wouldn't to see if we could free up the radiator. Now my front room is quite long 26 ft long...we moved the 3 seater  couch and then moved it back to its original position.We could not move it anywhere without it looking odd .Would you believe a room that size and my couches have to stay in the same position..

Dinner tonight is fish pie , i also made my first bakewell tart,picture below OH came straight in and tried a small piece.

Hope everyone is ok and the weather isn't affecting anybody too much .

Until later


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow ......

No doubt you will see lots of pictures of the snow but even so here are a few pics from my neck of the woods.

View from front door of house

View from DD's bedroom

View up back garden

view from my room up Lane

The orange glow to the sky is weired. OH also commented that when it snows its the only time at night you can see to the bottom of the garden.

Now it can melt.......

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Trip to London

When i finished work today,i came home and picked the family up to drive to London.

DD and her boyfriend are finally going to stay at The Mayfair.
This break had to  put off due to DD breaking her ankle.Still was not the ideal time to go as she is still on crutches.
We offered to drive them to the hotel for 3 reasons.
1. the car park the hotel use is at least a 10 min walk away and costs £30 for 24 hours.
2. train fair worked out at about £45 each
3. i didn't think she would manage hobbling on the train and tube.

The journey was easy it took 50 mins door to door.

My DD read up on the Mayfair after she booked it and was a bit shocked at some of the reviews this 5* hotel had. So she emailed them and said she was  worried about the reviews as she had spent a lot of money, She had a nice reply back promising they would do there best to ensure a good stay.

So today when she checked in she was informed they had been given an upgraded room,which looks lovely( pictures were emailed to me)

We will go back tomorrow to pick them up.

Snow arrived  (sprinkling).I don't like snow.

Until later