Wednesday, 22 February 2012


How can you wake up tired? need motivating this morning.
My days are getting busier and I'm getting tireder.I'm trying to fit in all this extra work I'm doing with school runs and sometimes that's difficult as i don't often work near school.

I said yesterday i would post a picture of my BRIBE  Giveaway.So here it is.

We have a really pretty town hall especially at night.
Even though my postal address doesn't say this town,this is who we belong too and pay our council tax too.

I have 2 new followers so a huge welcome and thanks for joining, hopefully a few more will join now they know what they can get LOL.

Until later


  1. The bag would make a great shopping bag /craft bag /kitting bag/ crochet bag....anything bag.
    Great giveaway nto!
    Jane x

  2. Great idea for a giveaway and you're not the only one needing motivation at the moment!