Saturday, 11 February 2012

1 month closer

I have just finished my days work and its now time to relax.
I finished my cleaning job and then had to collect a basket of ironing.Even though it was the last thing i felt like doing,i had to do it straight away as it has to be dropped off when i finish work tomorrow.

Managed to get to the bank and phone shop.DD managed to drop her phone in her bowl of soup last night and her phone screen went white.Its insured and under warranty so wont be out of pocket,she just has to wait for it to be sent off ,probably 2 weeks.
As DD is a normal teenager her phone is so important to her so they gave us a loan phone.

Tonight we are going out for a meal,DD and her Bf are taking us out to say thank you for driving them to London,Looking forward to it.

Finally sorted out my complaint about the meal we had a few weeks ago which was horrendous.We were offered 25% off our meal at the same restaurant, which i refused.Spoke to the area manager last night and he was very apologetic and we now have a free 3 course meal for 4 at our local branch.Just have to wait for his letter now.

Nearly forgot to say as i managed to get to the bank, we are now a month closer to our mortgage being paid off ,this obviously depends on snowballing going to plan.
Hope your weekend is going well

Until later

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