Thursday, 9 February 2012

Little Treat

I know we are ploughing all monies into paying off our debts but today i booked for us to have 1 night away in May.
We need something to look forward too otherwise it all gets a bit depressing .We have stopped doing so much,
So seeing that Travelodge were having a £10 sale i thought i would try and get hold of a room.
I asked OH if he could have 1 night away where would he like to go and he said The Cotswolds.So after an hour of trying early this morning i managed to book Burford which is approx 6 miles from Bourton on the Water.I even managed to get a bank holiday we are going 6th May and come home on 7th.
Did anyone else try to book a room?
Dinner tonight was ham ,egg and chips.Ham went in slow cooker this morning.It was delicious and lots left again.

My first Swagbucks Amazon voucher has arrived in my account and im on my way to getting my 2 nd one.
Spud shillings are also building up nicely .These are all going to be used for presents.Birthdays and Christmas.

Its blooming cold here DD isnt home again tonight so heating was off and gas fire was on as only one room was being used,had to give in and turn heating on as OH wanted a shower and bathroom was freezing.

Stay warm and stay safe
until later


  1. Well done on getting your room booked :) We didn't book one this time, but did at the last sale so have three nights in York coming up in a couple of weeks for around £45!

  2. I hope you have a great time in May...don't forget the camera!
    Jane x

  3. Sounds lovely. You will both enjoy that. I agree that you need some thing to look forward to otherwise you loose the will to keep ploughing the money into debts.

    X x

  4. Thats a good idea, I think it can help if you have the odd treat , especially for other halves who are not obsessed with clearing the debts or mortgage!

    I might take a look later, £10 is a great price.

  5. Hi, what are your 'spud shillings'? And I didn't know we could use Swagbucks in the UK - thought it's just a US thing but I'm off to investigate now! Thanks!

    K xx

    1. Hi Keshling
      Have a look at this site

      sign up and once a week play the games ( you dont even have to play them just click on play or start) then go to recipes click to print 1 ( when you get to your printer preview page just dont print it) and lastly tweet the recipe ( i have a twitter account just for things like this)
      I think you earn around 85 shillings a week.there are loads of things you can redeem them for which start at 500 spud shillings.
      Swagbucks the only Uk Item is a £5 Amazon voucher all the rest is USA. If you wish to join could you go through my link at the bottom ( i earn sb then ) thank you)