Friday, 10 February 2012


This afternoon DD had her 1st physio session at the hospital.She was assessed,

It turns out she also has low arches which is apparently bad for her knees and will need to go to her GP to be referred for that.It seems 1 thing after another.

Physio was painful but needs to be done.She is improving by the day but it will be a long time before shes allowed to wear heels again.Another session in 10 days.

Very tired tonight its been a long week.I would say I'm pleased its Friday but I'm working Saturday and Sunday.

Just made a cake and now sat with a cup of tea...lovely

Hope everyone is well
until later

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  1. You poor thing! I think you deserve a very big piece of cake. Hope the weekend goes okay for you and is not too gruelling.I am back at work on monday after my week off, not looking forward to it at all.