Monday, 13 February 2012

Just dropping by to say Hello

Just wanted to say hello and welcome my new follower.
As i have said before its lovely to know your not talking to yourself....

I'm sat huddled in my blanket with a nice mug of tea.OH will be home soon,
DD is out until tomorrow night, so i don't feel bad about not having heating on.
Its 5.10pm and its still quite light outside, its lovely to actually see the days getting longer.Roll on Spring i say.I read today that its already been the coldest February in 25 years.I can vouch for that as when i input my meter readings this morning my usage had shot up.Now this wasn't turning up the thermostat it must be that the heating had to come on more to get up to 17/18 degrees.I'm glad its nearly the end of the quarter as the next one should be a bit better( she says with fingers crossed)

Had a houseful last night inlaws came for dinner and DS and his girlfriend popped around as well.Lovely evening.MIL gave me a vintage coffee maker ,Sunbeam.I have mentioned to her before that i would like one even though i don't like coffee,but i love the smell and i can just make a jug for others to drink cant i.

Tonight is going to be a quite one.Soup for dinner if OH doesn't moan and homemade bread.We eat big proper meals ever day so it will make a change just to have a simple meal.

For all those UK bloggers that want to save a few pence. Persil non bio washing liquid is half price in both Tesco and Morrison, down to £3.20 for 28 washes,drop me an email if your interested in details of a coupon to bring it down further.

Also Dettol antibacterial spray £1 in Tesco .same as above...

Just going to start catching up on other blogs

until later

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  1. Our weather is just the opposite..warmer than last year with much less snow....hope I haven't jinxed it!
    Jane x