Friday, 17 February 2012

Was it Half Term?

This half term has flown by.I think this has been the first holiday that i have worked every day and i have missed the time i used to spend with my DD.
Today work was stupid my boss seems to think he can do and say what he pleases because he is the boss.Once again it wasnt aimed directly at me but one of my colleagues lost her job yesterday over a comment which was said light heartily and taken the wrong way. My colleague hadn't  signed her contract so he could get rid of her.
I hadn't signed a contract so i asked about it today and one was printed off for me.So this is going to be signed and returned tomorrow.
So much grief from a simple job for a little amount of money....
I must keep saying to myself that this money is going to debt busting...

Well moan over.Only have work tomorrow at the pub so apart from ironing i have Sunday off ,I'm so looking forward to it.

Someone must of had a serious headache this morning as i found a whole box of empty cans in one of the rooms today so i have put these in my car to save for my green clubcard points.

Thank you once again for clicking the ads,I'm in the process of verifying my account so hopefully next month some money will start to roll on( then roll straight out again to the tax man)

Off to catch up with other bloggs and update snowball and spreadsheet.

until later


  1. Trying to remember to click away everyday!

  2. have clicked them all for you - please can you do the same for me - hope Sunday is lovely for you xx

  3. Hi Love the picture of the dogs hair below! bless him x
    Could you start working for yourself eventually?. I am getting together some cards that advertise Ironing services. I will be happy if I get one or two jobs! to start with who knows. I have a little cleaning job the place is so clean anyway!. I must admit I do like doing bits & bobs.
    Good luck with your can recycling. I remember reading about somebody who paid for there honeymoon flights by collecting the cans and recycling at tescos. I just exchanged £5.00 clubcard points for £20.00 cafe rouge vouchers which is a nice treat to
    Enjoy your weekend
    ps will go & click your ads x

  4. Its amazing how quickly this week has flown by.

    Felt sorry for your colleague loosing her job like that, your boss sounds like a nasty fella.

    Enjoy your weekend hun.

    X x

  5. Hiya, I'll have a little click of the ads in a mo. also, just wondering I haven't been able to figure it out, when you have earnings from the ads how does the money get into your bank account? and when- do you have to accumulate a certain amount?

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for clicking,
      Not 100% sure of what happens with the ads.Im verifying my bank account at the moment , a bit like paypal.They will put money in and i verify the amounts when i see them.

      Ive read a few people do adsense so though i would give it ago to see if i can get a little extra in to go towards paying things off.I will let you know as soon as i find out if there is a certain amount.

      Thanks once again for clicking.

  6. ps. I also have to keep this phrase in mind too sometimes :)