Wednesday, 29 February 2012

And the Winner is

I gave each of you a number

inputted the details into the random generator and it came up as no 7



Please can you email me your address and i will post the bag to you

Back to normal business
I have decided as long as it the correct size to order a new fridge freezer from Tesco Direct. I can get 4% cashback through my daughters work ,so it makes it a bit cheaper.Hopefully OH will measure the gap tonight so i can order it.I will show you what i have chosen when it comes.

DD had physio today, she is doing so well,lots of our worries were explained .Balance and strength just need to be improved but as i have said before we have been told that it takes up to a year to get back to normal.
If any Uk based followers would like a referral to the bingo site i mentioned yesterday click the link above and i will send you the details..

I am quite excited as i have my bingo money and topcashback going into the bank over the next couple of days.
nearly £50 of free money which will go probably towards paying the car off.

Hope you are all well
until later


  1. What a lovely idea, well done hard up hester I often catch up with your blog too!
    With all that extra free money buying a new fridge freezer seems a good idea, at least you can get discounts and a bit of warranty with it. We went to a big second hand charity furniture shop a few weeks ago looking for a computer desk and they white goods which were quite a few years old were selling at very high prices, £200 for a very old washing machine, when you can get new cheaper.