Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just a quick update

I spoke this morning about the coupons you can get from SSM
Well here is a selection of what you can get from Tesco

Flash both kinds is a £1 so free with the coupon
Lenor is half price at mo @£1.68 so you pay 68 p with coupon
The persil is what i mentioned earlier and costs £2.20 with coupon.
so this little lot cost me £2.88

Until later


  1. Wow what a bargain. Think I shall be printing few of these off.

    X x

  2. Don't shoot me but there's a much cheaper way. Keep a squirty spray bottle and mix 1 third bleach with 2 thirds water and use that for surfaces in the future. Also, go for generic or even value soap powder and conditioner or save more money and don't use conditioner at all. That's 49p of bleach to last about a month

    1. All comments are gratefully recieved, how long will in last in the bottle.

  3. the persil in particular is a good buy. i tried the tesco value liquid myself recently. at first it seemed ok, but it soon became apparant that it was aging my clothes a lot faster than it should. i found an offer on persil and am now much happier. it is a false ecomony if liquid/powder ages clothes. (I wasn't over-washing either)
    i might give the bleach a go though.