Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The plaster cast is off

DD had her hospital appointment this morning,all went very well. Xray showed her ankle is healing nicely, so much so her cast could be removed.

The ankle and surrounding area is still very swollen which surprised me as its 6 and half weeks now.Dr said this is normal and will go down. She has to learn to walk again now as its quite scary the thought of bearing weight on it.We have to wait for a physio appointment and she has to still use her crutches,but you can imagine her delight at being able to have a bath without her leg hanging over the edge and to do a bit of necessary maintenance..... 6 and half weeks of hair growth...... and very old fake tan...

After work i popped to bank and walked passed a charity shop.Ive been looking for a little teapot for ages and found a lovely little set which is Cath Kidston ish very pleased.

Hopefully my solar light charged today its not flashing now.Cant remember if i took a photo of it but it looks like a silk lampshade. it looks very yellow in the picture but its actually white.

Decided to sign up to Ad thing on here, every penny is going to help with my debt busting.
Until later



  1. I have never broken a bone, so never experienced the plaster torture.... so many people have told me how horrid it is. So, I am very pleased for your dd indeed!!
    Jane x

  2. I have also never broken a bone I can only imagine the discomfort. Good luck with the ad thingy!!


  3. I have broken bones and I, too, am so pleased that DD is well on the mend.
    Love from Mum

  4. woohoo my comment worked but I'm still not showing on your live visitors feed.

    1. HBS you can comment.....
      do you think you could be the Cardiff visitor?
      2 more the packing all done?

    2. No I dont think so as its not showing this time it did recognise me once but hasn't since weird!
      Packing done... NO I pick the keys up tomorrow and will load the car up and do a few trips back and forth with boxes then around Mid-day I have to drive to Plymouth to collect my mum and dad, my dad is going to do some repairs here for me.
      Bernie x

  5. So glad your daughters plaster is now off. It was scary enough lifting things after my wrist plaster came off so I can only imagine how nervous she is trying to walk.

    X x