Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Its hard to say goodbye

Its been a very busy few days.Sunday i cooked for 10.
Managed to scrape together a roast from the contents of the freezer.
It was lovely to see the room get Maddied ,toys everywhere and even better to see the girls so excited to see Isabelle who rewarded them with lots of smiles.
Tonight they are flying back home always the hardest part of a reunion is saying goodbye.

As you are all no doubt aware by now i try and save/.earn a few pennies anyway i can and like many i use cashback sites like Topcashback.Well a new way of earning cashback  with them is

If any of my Uk followers arent already signed up let me know and i will refer you(so i can get a referel fee)
cheeky i know but every little helps.

It has a list of food items that if you buy you send a picture of your receipt and you get cashback.
One of said items was coca cola which i purchased yesterday (rather cheaply) so i should get 50 p cashback on that.Another one that i should get soon is from laterooms.A friends daughter is getting married in June and as we don't live near her anymore we knew we would have to get a hotel.So i found out where the reception was being held and was able to find a terrific deal with laterooms and was able to book 3 rooms and i don't have to pay until we arrive so plenty of time to save .

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  1. Good grief, cooking for 10. Thats christmas numbers for me! I imagine it was very sad to see them go.

    x x