Thursday, 28 February 2013

My eldest daughter has been suffering with alot of pain in her ear recently,She is working away from home for a few days next week so was desperate to get it sorted.Luckily she has been given the direct number to her consultants secretary so after one quick call she was able to bring her appointment forward.
 So yesterday morning we sat in ENT, she had her ears cleaned out and now as if by magic she can hear and the pain has gone.
Poor DD has been under the hospital for 19 years now we can walk in and the staff will say hello to her by name and just tell us to sit down.
So work as shuffled around so she didn't have to deal with it on her own.

This time of year brings lots of renewal notices,yesterday it was car insurance and breakdown cover.
Breakdown cover isn't until May so I'm leaving that a bit longer.
The car insurance with a few extras has come in at  £13 a month less than I'm currently paying so I'm well pleased with that and i went through topcasback so will get £ 40 back.My breakdown cover is going to be difficult as my current provider have over doubled but they are the only company that offer the cover i have so i think sacrifices will be made in level of cover as I'm not paying £52 a month.

Has anyone else been taking advantage of cashback offers?

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  1. £52 a month!!!!! That's horrendous. When I did dh's work van it was about £180 for the year for the home start etc included. Hope you can get it down from that, can you price compare that sort of thing?