Monday, 4 February 2013

Today has been a dry and blustery day and i wasn't able to get washing on the line.Tomorrow i have heard rumour we are getting snow,i do hope they are wrong.
The weekend went very quickly.Dinner at eldest daughters Saturday which was delightful.Sunday we visited my son and Isabelle and Sunday afternoon we went to the cinema to see Hitchcock,I thought this was a well made film but can see it wont be every ones cup of tea.Anthony Hopkins is completely unrecognisable as Hitchcock .

Haven't heard anymore from Tesco but I'm sure i will sooner rather than later.

OH has been disliking a few of my meals lately.Risotto,potato topped chicken pie to name but 2.Tonight's dinner was going to be Mackerel quiche which when told didn't go down well.So now I'm going to make a cottage pie and he will have one portion tonight and i will freeze the rest in individual portions.I'm going to have risotto one of my new favorite foods.

Just wanted to drop back and say even if i do say so myself my butternut squash risotto was delicious.


  1. I love risotto - it's such a versatile dish! Jx

  2. I love mushroom risotto.
    I think you are a perfect person for Tesco's - Good Luck!

  3. I absolutely love risotto and get by the meat-loving of my Lovely Hubby by always serving his portion of rissoto with a nice steak or a couple of good quality steak burgers or even sausages, keeps him happy and makes cooking that little bit simpler.

    Sue xx