Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I have had my 2nd vegetarian meal this week.Tonight i made a Spanish omelette.I have enough for lunch tomorrow ,I'm not turning veggie but as i have said before meat is expensive and i really want to start eating better,using things i have a ready supply off(eggs but hopefully come summer veg).OH will not join in with this so i have prepared his meal just have to cook his meat when hes ready to eat( he will probably cook it)

My darling granddaughters are flying down to visit for a few days this weekend,they are going to meet their new baby sister.My son is paying for the girls mum and the girls to fly down( and home).The girls are staying with my son and mum is going to stay at her dad.Even though this has worked out expensive for my son it is still cheaper than them all flying up to Scotland,accommodation,car hire and finding things to do.This way we all get to see them.Cant wait...

I realise i haven't really spoken about my debt busting lately.When you look at the total figure we owe its not alot but money isn't brilliant at the moment so it seems a slow slog.I looked back at some spreadsheets from 2011 and i know we have made a huge reduction in our debts so i must be patient.

Tesco interview will take place during half term,3 of us are going to be interviewed.More details will be sent out once a date has been confirmed.At least it gives me more time to get DD to do my hair..........


  1. Nice job. We try to eat vegetarian twice a week right now. It cheaper and healthier for you :)

  2. I'am a vegetarian but my husband and children are not. So I still cook meat for them, but only a min amount. My son is really fussy and could quite easily cut meat out altogether. On the whole I 'am slowly changing them all. It's lovely that your family will be with you soon. Enjoy.

  3. I eat a few vegetarian meals a week too but like your OH, mine has to have meat with every meal. He does do his own cooking but will turn his nose up if I offer him something like mushroom risotto without meat. He will always ask what meat am I having, to which I reply, "Whatever you cook for yourself" He doesn't look impressed but has at least started eating my meals.

    Have a fantastic time with DGDs this weekend, I bet there will be a lot of hugging going on

    Granny x