Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thank you Mr Tesco

I am just loving my bargain shops at the moment,I mentioned yesterday about this shop.
I picked it up no problem,he was a bit shocked at the size of the order  but after cashback i paid 37 p for these 2 items, cant argue with that.
Tomorrow new things are added to Quidco,one of them is going to be cashback on Millicano coffee,i don't know how much you will get back yet but in Tesco an offer ends on Millicano it is half price £1.99, so tomorrow as I'm working very near Tesco i will be buying some..

As you have already gathered I'm loving this new concept in shopping.I'm not buying any things i wouldn't normally buy and I'm keeping well within my grocery budget i have spent £ 168 this month and i have more than enough in the freezers .
 What's this?

Fresh Fruit

Deli & Cooked Meat

 What's this?

sorry if this is boring you but i feel the need to share these offers for everyone that can to take advantage of.

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