Wednesday, 13 February 2013

From the Heart

This week a campaign is running to coincide with Valentines day to get more people to register as organ donors.
You no longer have to carry a card you can register your interest online

I have had my name down for years as has my youngest daughter.I don't feel its morbid i would like to think that on the event of my death some of my organs could prolong the life of someone else.By registering my wishes online this also takes some of the decision making from my family.
Personally i think it should work the other way round i think if people don't wont to be an organ donor they should opt out  .So if you aren't already on it have a look and sign up.



  1. I'm already on there, it's a wonderful scheme, and I agree with you totally it should be 'opt out' not 'opt in'.

    Sue xx

  2. I also agree about the 'opt out' being the way it should be, I've carried a worn, scrappy old card in my purse for years, but have just registered online. Thanks for the link.