Saturday, 16 February 2013

When sleep doesn't come

It is now 4.24 am and i have been awake hours......
It didn't start this way,i was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and 10pm....
Then came the phonecall.1.50 am DD rang me to say her **** of a boyfriend had stormed off and left her,she was in a safe place so i told her to stay put and i would come and get now I'm wide awake,tired but awake if that makes sense.

I had another call today from Tesco and I'm now a tad excited...nervous but looking forward to it.
I will be with them from 9.30 till about 5 and everything is included,train,taxi,food and i will have a stylist
hark at me ...I will have my hair & makeup done and will even be dressed the lady has told me not to worry
(me worry never....) it will be a fun day.

Hopefully i will be able to take lots of photos and share my day with you...

well I'm signing off and i hope i get a few hours of sleep in before the sun rises.


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  1. That boyfriend sounds like a right idiot, fingers crossed it doesn't last much longer. When does all this worry end, I thought it was supposed to get ever as they get older?!
    Am really looking forward to seeing you in the tesco mag,I'm sure you will have a ball x

  2. So glad your daughter is safe and sound.

    As for Tescos..... Wow! Sounds like an amazing day. Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures and reading all about it. Not only on the blog but in the mag.

    X x

  3. Children no matter how old they are you never stop worrying, so glad she is safe and sound now.Good luck with your photo shot looking forward to seeing the results.
    My daughter did a photo shot for Company Mag,and she had a ball, they were pampered all day and she said the food was fantastic.
    Catch up with your sleep today.

  4. Glad to hear that you daughter had the sense to call you, hopefully things will work out for her and this might be the wake up call she needed.

    The Tesco day sounds fantastic, you deserve a bit of pampering.

    Sue xx

  5. I hope that you have a great time with Tesco. I hope that your daughter is OK. Jx

  6. Enjoy your Tesco day, it sound like fun. Hopefully your daughter will soon see that boyfriend for what he is. Glad she's ok though.
    Patricia x