Friday, 8 February 2013

Reducing Monthly outgoings

Like many people on a path to pay debts off and live a more frugal life i shop around for the best prices  for all my household bills.A few weeks ago i did a comparison on Building and Contents insurance.I found a company that was offering me the same level of cover but for less than half what i am currently paying.Today i phoned up my current provider and it worked out i would owe them£7 for cancelling early so decided this was worth it and changed.My monthly payment has gone from £47 to £21 and i get free cover for my central heating and electrics.
Looking forward to being able to renew my car insurance at the end of this month as i have checked this and this will also be a lot cheaper.

On a downside,i have just had a ding dong with my OH he is not giving me all the money he earns he is keeping some back for himself.If we didn't need the money coming in i wouldn't mind but when hes not giving anything to me and is coming in with 6 beers for himself i get annoyed he really does think he deserves this and if i don't like it i should work more..This would all be so much easier and quicker if we worked together but i know this will never happen.


  1. I really feel for you, this is exactly how things used to be with me and my ex.

    He would give me £15 for housekeeping to feed the four of us and the four cats for the week and then go to the pub on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights spending at least £10 on each visit..... because he worked hard and 'deserved' it.

    When I got fed up and went out to work as soon as our youngest was able to go to nursery he dropped his working hours more and more as I brought money into the house, so things just never improved - well they did actually - in leaps and bounds, straight after the divorce!!

    Sue xx

  2. Oh sorry I meant to say, great news on getting your insurance payment to less than half price, it shows it really does pay to shop around.

    Have a good weekend.

    Sue xx

  3. Great news re the insurances.

    As to OH, well as you know I have one of those in my house too. It's so bl00dy annoying isn't it.

    Granny x

  4. It just shows that it pays to shop around. I've just changed my gas and electric supplier. I don't think it will work out very much cheaper, but I get £30 cashback for changing, and it's a fixed deal so I know it won't go up for eighteen months. I can see how hard you're trying to get your debts down so it's such a shame that your OH isn't singing from the same hymn sheet. It's always much easier when you're pulling together. Keep at it though, you're doing brilliantly yourself.

  5. My ex hubby was like this, he wasnt one for the pub but insisted on having a very expensive football season ticket that would set up back a good £1000 every year! He also had to have the latest phone/satnav etc that came out, He viewed it as because I earned a good wage and had savings then he could have these things but never understood that I was trying to get rid of our debts.
    Needless to say now were divorced, he is really struggling with his expensive materialistic habit!
    Well done for finding much cheaper insurance - a fab win! x