Tuesday, 19 February 2013

simple things

please simple minds.

At the moment all the cashback sites are pleasing me,All 3 of them have there own version of snap and save.You get cashback very quickly for normal everyday items.For example Andrex toilet tissue 9 pack £3.75 in Tesco (price checks done on Mysupermarket)
Quidco are giving a £1 cashback and so are Topcashback.Another site i have come across is Shopitize so between the 3 you can get a nice bit back on your shopping.
Another no brainer on Quidco is £12 cashback for a free 30 day trial on Now TV to qualify you must watch 90 mins of content( 1 film) you can cancel at anytime during the trial.
So for anyone that still needs a referral( when you reach £10 of payable money i get £10,something you can all do to)
here's links to topcashback and quidco.



My DD has highlighted my hair in preparation for Friday, she saves me a small fortune in colouring.

This evening my youngest and i went to the cinema to see Mama
another freebie.Its a bit far fetched but very jumpy .It always amazes me that people hear a noise and never turn a light on when they go and look and walk across the woods to a deserted shack in the dark with no torch,hark at me... its not real......
I wouldn't have wanted to pay to watch this but we enjoyed it...

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