Saturday, 23 February 2013

World Book Night April 23rd

I have just had this email

CONGRATULATIONS! We're thrilled to tell you that you've been confirmed as a World Book Night 2013 Giver.

The book you'll be giving 20 copies of on April 23 is The White Queen .

Im well pleased ,when i have the books  i will let you all know and if anyone wants a copy i will send it out to you,maybe a draw ,

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday the whole experience and remarks made it a real confidence booster.

I'm currently suffering from a cough and cold nothing major just irritating and its giving me a sore nose.So I'm lazing on the sofa looking through my favourite site MSE and came across this and i do like to share a bargain.

I dont know if its nationwide but one of my local stores is offereing free click and collect and as im passing  a store tomorrow ( visiting big brother )i have ordered the ham and 2 apples,some total of 62 p and i also get 25 p back from top cashback for snap and save.

1 more for you Quidco click and snap 

effectively FREE Heinz Tomato Ketchup 700g - ONLY REDEEMABLE ONCE from Tesco, Sainsbury's or Asda
Buy 1 get £2 cashback

It costs £ 2 in both Asda and Tesco so it will be free.this offer finishes tomorrow.

And unlike normal Quidco deals this is payable within days and isnt subject to the £5 fee,so you get it all like you do the check in offers.

Phew hope i haven't confused you..

Are any of you (in UK) taking advantage of all these offers?

ps have a look at the baked crisps they are a £1 in Asda so free with tcb.

Hope you are all keeping warm

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  1. You have found some really good offers lately, I will have to get more organised and start checking in on tcb too, thanks. Hope you feel betterx