Tuesday, 28 February 2012

That was Tuesday..

Today has whizzed by..In between jobs today i popped into WH Smith.Some of my UK followers may have read on MSE about an offer in store. Hopefully i can explain it.

The offer is if you buy any greeting card you get a £15 wh smith gift card for £10
so my initial outlay was  £1.75 for card and £10 for gift card.
you then use this gift card to pay for the next purchase.
you then use each card to pay for next transaction,its confusing but it works out after 5 transactions I'm about £16 in profit. as well as having 5 blank cards.

I was also invited by a fellow mse member to join a bingo site, be prepared to be confused for a 2nd time.

You sign up giving the name of the person who referred you, deposit £10 and you get a £20 bonus.Play the £10 in any bingo game and once this £ 10 has gone you get another £10 bonus from the referral. This can be withdrawn straight away.So you now are not out of pocket.
Still with me....
I had won some money whilst playing so i sent a message asking when i could withdraw more money  as my account was about £34,was informed i had to spend £10.70 more,which i did,won another line and my balance at the end was £31, which i promptly withdrew.
So i was £31 in profit.I'm not a gambler so wanted to get the money out asap because i would have been very upset if i then lost it by continuing to play.So when this reaches my account i will pad it ...

Picked up granddaughters from schools, dropped them home and then went to pick up my daughter.

My fridge in the kitchen is on its way out, so what i have gained in someways i will loose in others.I have a fridge freezer in another room but it doesn't fit the gap and as my kitchen is fairly new i don't want to alter it.I have looked on Gumtree but they are about half the price of a new one, so don't know whether to just leave a gap until i can afford one or go for the 2nd hand option.

until later

ps does anyone have the reward scheme offered to them by their council for recycling. just wondered how it worked

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