Saturday, 18 February 2012

Good morning blogland

Yesterday i saw this link

If you have facebook and live in the Uk its an easy way to print off coupons,currently i have a number of £1 off coupons mainly for Tesco but also sainsburys and Boots.
You get these for just posting a few tips,very simple and as I'm full of useless information,easy...
Give it a go. I also was awarded a £25 Love to Shop voucher which will be sent in the post.

I'm slightly amazed at how easy being frugal is becoming,its now been over a year i have been on this journey.
With a bit of careful planning i can reduce my spending drastically.Why oh why did  i not do this sooner....
I think i must drive my family crazy talking about my next money saving scheme and what i want them to save for me next but i LOVE IT.... obviously becoming debt and mortgage free is the goal but once that's done what a frugal life we can have.
Every now and then i get down that it goes at a slow pace but I'm seeing the difference to how much is owed and i suppose that's all that matters.
I'm always on the look out for new money saving ideas so if you have any throw them my way.

Must get ready for work now.
Until later

PS im clicking on all your ads as well.


  1. We all have our down days with being frugal, but like you say it will so be worth it in the end!

    We meal plan, which saves on shopping. I shop my wardrobe and when I feel I need something new I shop friends or families wardrobes instead of spending at the shops. If we need something new we sell what we don't use to pay for it. Coupons are used wherever we can and I always price compare. It's become a hobby as well as a way of life.

    X x

  2. Great idea, thanks for the tip! I'm going to think of as many as I can to get some coupons.

    K xx