Monday, 20 February 2012

Energy consumption

Back to one of my my most talked about topics( well talked about indoors)
I try my best to limit what we use,even though its like banging my head against a brick wall sometimes.

I have just inputted my meter readings and its gone down ,yippee.
Here's my graph for the last few weeks

each bar is 1 i enter the details every Monday .
DD is now back at school,I'm out whilst shes at school so hopefully it will go down even more next wee.

As i just said DD went back to school this week.she has been working from home since she broke her ankle
(on DRs advice) she has virtually caught up with her work but until she has she is working in the 6th  form library.I think she enjoyed being back to some kind of normality today even though i found it hard leaving just after 7.30 again.

DD had Physio again this afternoon,not alot could be done as the ankle is very swollen,no pain which is good.Her going back to work is off the agenda for a bit longer as now she is on her feet more this is causing the swelling.Driving is also not allowed at the moment.
We go back again next week.

This evening DD and i are going to the cinema,to see The best exotic Marigold hotel ( i think that's correct)
Free tickets through my bank( the only good thing a bank has done for me)

So OH will enjoy some peace watching his soaps.

I know i must sound like a warped record but could people please click on the adverts. I think i have only had 1 click registered in the last 2 days,I am grateful to all that do this and just grateful you read my ramblings.
Would love all you lurkers to come out of lurkdom even just to say hello.

OH is cooking tonight as he finished very early.
I'm just off to catch up on some reading.I will let you know what the film was like later

Until later

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