Thursday, 23 February 2012

Today is supposed to be ....

The weathermen are forecasting that today the weather is going to hit the dizzy heights of 16 degrees C in my neck of the woods.I hope its still lovely when i get home as i would love to get some jobs done in the garden.
Still waiting for OH to trim the acer down that has got too big but as at his insistence he wants me to watch what hes doing,this has not been done yet.

Work is catching up on me now ,its especially hit me hard DD going back to school as her timetable isn't a normal 8.30 till 3.She can finish anytime from 12 o'clock onwards,so I'm finding myself picking her up dropping her off then going back to work on top of physio appointments.I'm finding i have to make notes so i remember what to do.
It will all be worth it in the end.OH is still not working properly the phone has never been so quite.I know this is also hitting DS hard and in 1 way i hope he finds another job so he can get out of the self employed rat trap.

I have under £150 left to pay on OH 's van I'm so excited to see this go even though we wont see the money as i want to snowball it into the car loan and then the mortgage.I'm not telling OH van is nearly paid off as he doesn't think like me and he would see this as extra money in our pockets but i wont to be debt and mortgage free.
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Take care
until later


  1. Well done and good thinking - it is amazing how people can see things so differently isn't it x

  2. Good grief it will be lovely if it does get that warm. I know the feeling with being shatter, this week is wearing me out!

    Great news on the van. Good luck with the snow balling

    X x