Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lovely day

Granddaughter's stayed last night,not that we saw much of them in the early evening, They both wanted to be with DD and her boyfriend.

Eldest granddaughter wanted to sleep in with DD but at about 11.30 pm i was woken up because my granddaughter didn't feel too good.She was OK but then wanted to sleep on her bed on the floor in my room.

This morning after a while of playing indoors with Moon sand ( that stuff is brilliant)

We went in the garden to play.The girls played on the trampoline and chatted to the girls next door and i finished weeding my raised beds.OH cut the grass and we moved all the branches i had cut ready to burn.
The garden is looking so much better.

I have just ordered a new lance for my pressure washer so next weekend if its nice i can get the decking cleaned.

What a difference a bit of sun and warmth can do,it makes you feel so much better.

How have you spent your Sunday?

Until later


  1. Sounds like a productive day. No sunshine here , and it's felt cold today. I went to the carboot this morning,have done some painting and listed some more stuff on ebay.

  2. Sounds like you have had a very busy but enjoyable day. Moon sand is good isn't it?

    X x

  3. It really makes a difference to your mood when the sun is out doesn't it, sounds like a lovely weekend. I had a quiet one but we did go for a nice pub lunch with the kids on sunday which made a nice change. x