Saturday, 4 February 2012

Trip to London

When i finished work today,i came home and picked the family up to drive to London.

DD and her boyfriend are finally going to stay at The Mayfair.
This break had to  put off due to DD breaking her ankle.Still was not the ideal time to go as she is still on crutches.
We offered to drive them to the hotel for 3 reasons.
1. the car park the hotel use is at least a 10 min walk away and costs £30 for 24 hours.
2. train fair worked out at about £45 each
3. i didn't think she would manage hobbling on the train and tube.

The journey was easy it took 50 mins door to door.

My DD read up on the Mayfair after she booked it and was a bit shocked at some of the reviews this 5* hotel had. So she emailed them and said she was  worried about the reviews as she had spent a lot of money, She had a nice reply back promising they would do there best to ensure a good stay.

So today when she checked in she was informed they had been given an upgraded room,which looks lovely( pictures were emailed to me)

We will go back tomorrow to pick them up.

Snow arrived  (sprinkling).I don't like snow.

Until later


  1. I stayed in that hotel a few years ago when work treated me to an all expenses paid theatre break. I don't think your daughter need worry if it's the same now as it was then, it was lovely.

    1. wow your work appreciated you.
      Ive spoken to her and shes a happy young lady.

  2. It's always nice to have a bit of luxury! Do hope DD enjoys herself.
    Jane x

  3. It just shows to query things doesnt it? Worth emailing to get an upgrade and the room looks gorgeous.Hope she has a fab time.X