Monday, 27 February 2012

Drum roll please......

Today i have paid off the last of my OH'S van loan, yippee.
Ive not told him as like i have said before we are both on different wavelengths when it comes to debt repayment.I now want to snowball this money into paying off the car loan,this could be paid off then by July.
My money from 2nd job is still going to taxman but this figure is coming down all be it slowly.

2012 could be the year we finally get straight and its so exciting..

Today wasn't as nice as yesterday but i was at work so it didn't really matter.
I had a spare bit of time before i had to pick DD up this afternoon so went through a few renewal quotes that have been arriving. My breakdown cover had gone up by £10 a month so i phoned them and said i was considering leaving and they said they would reduce it to same as last year and give me 6 months home repair cover free of charge.So that's sorted. My car insurance has gone up as well but Ive done a few comparisons and can get that down slightly.

Lastly i phoned through my meter readings,now this one isn't sorted.
The lady worked out i could get a slightly better deal and worked out how much i had spent between 11/10 and 11/11 and it was over £1700 for gas and electric.I was shocked to say the least.
This last quarter i have been very strict with my usage..Just don't know what else to do, ....

Think you will have a long wait to get the followers so will do the giveaway shortly. Could someone point me in the right direction for the programme that people use for the random selection....

until next time


  1. Well done on the loan repayment!
    Jane x

  2. Well done on the repayment Hun.

    X x

  3. Well done clearing the van loan, how long do you think it will be before you are debt free except for the mortgage?

    Your gas/electric is very high considering you are so careful, I rememver your photos of you candlelit living room to save having the lights on. You have me quite scared now as to what mine will be, I can't check until the first bill in april with my new provider and its for the whole of winter, eek!

    1. Hi ng
      my plan is to have everything paid off except the mortgage by the end of this year but that depends how oh's work goes .If i can then snowball i could have mortgage paid off in just under 6 years.But things dont always go to plan....
      but i can try.hardest battle is OH lol