Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lego House

As yesterday didn't go to plan for my OH my evening changed.
Lets start at the very beginning ( should i now burst into song)

OH borrowed my car in the end and went to pick up the parts for his van. Mechanic came and tried to fit the parts and said they were the wrong ones......He sat outside my work for an hour waiting for me to finish, i don't have set times,i finish when the work is finished.On way home he told me about parts i asked if he had sourced the correct one from the dealer,he said he had rung them and they had said Tuesday...and he couldn't order them because he had no money.
I made ONE phonecall part will be in after 8.30 in the morning and he pays when he collects it.
In meantime DS rang stressing that he hasn't earned any money this week because they hadn't finished a job ( which would have been finished yesterday.)and says could the girls be dropped to me so him and his dad could pick some tiles up and work until dark.Which is what happened.Girls dropped off just after 3 .all this happened in the space of 1/2 an hour from me getting home.
Well on to the nice bit.
After a while of playing high jump with a scarf.A bit of dressing up in a suit DD uncovered from her room.

Little one and i started to play with Lego
Ed Sheeran would be proud of us as we built a Lego House

Girls went back with daddy at about 6.30.They are staying with us tonight so will see them again very soon.
Not sure why the print has changed on the page so sorry for confusing you .

Lastly.i have a Milk and more account which i haven't used for ages.Had a phonecall last night asking if i would like an item delivered weekly for 4 weeks foc,i said free range eggs.This can be done inconjuction with any other offer as well. So found a code for if you order £10 worth of things you pay £5. Lots of special offers going at the moment so managed to spend £10 on items priced same as supermarket.So including eggs spent £11.73  and will only pay £5.
All kept in a milk crate which hopefully he wont mind me borrowing as this will now mean i can reach the top of some of my windows.

I have some new followers so welcome and hopefully you will enjoy reading about my journey to debt freedom.
So until later

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  1. Wow sounds like a busy busy half hour or so and evening too.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

    X x