Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy St Davids Day

This is the view down the road that leads to my lane.
I get all excited in February as you can start to see a pinky/purple tinge on the trees and then virtually overnight the blossom starts to come out.All these trees have preservation orders on them so as long as i live here i can look forward to driving down this road.

I ordered my fridge/freezer this morning and its being delivered Saturday,just need to arrange for someone to wait in for me, its a full 12 hour slot 7 am till 7pm and you can guarantee that it will turn up at 6.50pm.

Received the paperwork from ohs van loan today as they are saying we still owe £20. i have been through all my receipts and 4 payments are missing and not showing, making i have overpaid by £20.Apparently this cant be resolved instantly which is frustrating me.

My topcashback and bingo money arrived in my account today so i was able to send this straight to the car loan.As the figures are going down the more impatient i am getting to pay it off.
Don't know if anyone else uses the snowball calculators but don't you just hate the start in the new month as it pushes your figures back a month until you pay your normal payments.

Utility bills came in this afternoon, available to view on line, not a pretty read.
They anticipate we will spend £at least £2000 in the next year on gas and electricity.....
It gets worse every time i look at them.
Maybe someone is tapping into my gas and electric or is that wishful thinking.
Before next winter we are going to have to install a log burner......

Harduphester still not had your address. could you possibly send it to me so i can get your bag off to you.
Until later


  1. I cant believe they reckon you will be using £2000 worth of gas and electric in a year.I dont think ours is anywhere near that.Have they got it right?
    Anyway, I loved to see your photo of the blossom on the trees appearing down your road!

  2. i wish it wasnt correct.for the period nov 10 to nov 11 we spent 1700 so it sounds correct.i just have to make sure we lower consumption.

  3. sounds like you're paying for the street lights !!